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Matt Donvan could be about to turn against his supernatural friends in season 6 thanks to the influence of a newcomer in town...

After announcing a boatload of new [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) characters, Julie Plec has revealed that there are big things in store for Matt thanks to a strong bond he forges with the newcomer Tripp, played by Eureka star Colin Ferguson.

Tripp's character has been described as a strong protector, and Matt bonds with him over his need to have someone to look up to. Executive producer Julie Plec explained that;

Matt Donovan's never really had a real father figure on the show and we've had this basic idea of really wanting a man in Mystic Falls that Matt can look up to. Now that all the supernatural creatures are stuck outside of Mystic Falls, who are these people that are still living there? This man (Tripp) is running the community protection services, and he's just trying to teach these young, 18-, 19-, 20-year old guys how they can make something of themselves. It's nice to see Matt having somebody he can bond with and connect to as he's kind of the last man standing in a weird way in Mystic Falls

But when pressed about whether Tripp was villainous character, Plec remained relatively tight lipped. Although she did reveal some potentially juicy storylines that suggest Matt could choose his new Father figure over his supernatural friends... She teased that;

Tripp's status as a villain or not a villain is not conclusive at this time. Tripp's history is a bit of a mystery but whether he's a villain or not is not something that is clear. For Matt, I think it's more about, 'How important is this town to me? How important is this idea of the town being a safe haven for humans to me? And what happens if or when the magic comes back and the supernaturals are allowed back in? Even though they're my friends, what will they bring with them?' Down the road, he'll have a little bit of a conflict internally in how to deal with that

To me, it seems relatively obvious that Tripp is going to be a huge barrier to the supernaturals returning to the former home after the 'no magic' exile - and I have a feeling it will be Matt who betrays their identity to Tripp.

As an outsider, I am assuming Tripp won't know Mystic Falls' supernatural history, and Matt will clearly trust in this man deeply.

Maybe, he makes a confession about what the town was like before Tripp came and lifts their veil on the potentially dangerous otherworldly neighbors that used to surround him?

What are your theories about this intriguing new storyline? Tell me your thoughts below!


Do you think Matt will turn on his supernatural friends?

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