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Even celebs have their moments of embarrassment, but not all of them deal with those moments in such a calm, considered and utterly hilarious way as Channing Tatum does...

NBC recently commissioned a new reality series from Bear Grylls, in which the survivalist will put Hollywood A-listers to the ultimate test for 48 hours. Set to kick off the new season in late July, Running Wild with Bear Grylls will partner Grylls with a host of slebs as they attempt various life-changing activities including skydiving in the Catskill Mountains, scaling cliffs in Utah, trekking in Scotland and, err, flashing their baby-makers...

Yep, Channing Tatum is providing the eye-candy (Um, I believe I requested him to be on Naked and Afraid?! Who dropped the ball here? ...) in one of these episodes, for us lucky, lucky viewers. But it's not only his looks that have caught our attention!

Talking about the new series of the show, Bear revealed a special moment spent with Tatum while off-camera, when the pair were cooking dinner. Paraphrasing the Magic Mike star, Grylls explained what Channing recalled about his favorite moment of the show:

My favorite part of the whole thing was when we were sitting on top of the mountain and the camera crew had left. It was just you and me cooking rattlesnake over the fire. You had your pants off because you were drying them on the rocks. You bent over the fire, and your bum was right next to me, and one of your testicles drops out of your underpants! That's when I knew the adventure was real.

Grylls also recalled:

That was classic Channing! It really made me laugh.

Classic Channing! I love that. Instead of pretending like nothing had happened, Tates just casually brought up the, err, touchy subject, and made it into a fantastic, hilarious anecdote...

The key to great TV comedy? Being real. Channing Tatum real.


Are you looking forward to seeing this incident play out on Running Wild With Bear Grylls?

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