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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Over, out, finito.

You, the people of Moviepilot, have spoken and elected your Joker. Not sure if there isn't some irony to be found in the fact that an anarchic super villain gets elected... ANYWAY.

Old pro Willem Dafoe beat The Purge creeper Rys Wakefield in a comparatively close vote. Dafoe already has some serious villain credentials, having played the Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

It's a surprisingly safe choice in an appropriately weird Joker fan casting, in which a mega star like Johnny Depp bit the dust quite early.

The next fan casting will be less villainous.

With the recent announcement that the mighty Mjolnir will soon hammer away in the hands of a goddess, we thought it's time to pump a bit of estrogen into proceedings and fan cast a female superhero.

Our choice fell on...

[drum roll]

... Ms Marvel.

Head over to our Ms Marvel fan casting, here!


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