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I remember when I first saw Teen Titans Go!, I was not happy at all. What is this garbage? How could they do this to these characters? Well after a second viewing I thought, well maybe this is for a younger audience?

Turns out, I was right. DC Entertainment has a weekly Youtube show called "DC All Access" (which is really awesome by the way) and in the beginning of the clip below, the producers reveal their intentions of the show. The clip ends at 1:50.

So it is intended for a younger audience (kids 6-11). But one interesting thing that was said was that they hope that this is platform that gets kids into comic books. And well in my eyes, its working. I have a job a children's art studio, and so many of the kids absolutely love this show! Some of them have previously heard of these characters, but the rest; this show introduced them to the characters. And because they love the show, they want to read the comics with not only these characters, but they want to see what other characters DC has to offer. And Beast Boy and Cyborg are a crowd favorite.

I have a little cousin who loves all things batman; and when he saw that Robin was on this show, it intrigued him. Now he loves these characters! He still big on DC, but is now slowly getting into Marvel as well.

No, this isn't the Teen Titans show we all grew up with and loved, but if Teen Titans Go! is what it takes to get kids into not only DC Comics, but comics in general; then maybe this show isn't such a bad thing after all. Let me know your thoughts below!


Is your view on Teen Titans Go! different now?


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