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After seeing the interview with Dwayne Johnson giving a sneaky hint at a Shazam movie, I started pondering on what I would like to see in a movie about "The World's Mightiest Mortal." Personally, Shazam is a character who has grown to be one of my favorite DC characters. He's likable, he's fun, and the concept behind him is genius: Tom Hanks' Big with a superhero spin on it. The idea of a little boy in a super powered being's body is something I immediately got behind since I first heard about him and I think could be portrayed very well in a film.

Shazam could become the [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) for DC, taking a not well known character and bringing him to the big screen allowing general audiences to get to know the character. How do you get people to watch this character who general audiences know nothing about? Well you get the second most paid actor in Hollywood right now: Dwayne Johnson to play the titular character. Good move, Warner Bros. Now there is the possibility that Johnson will be playing Black Adam and to be honest, I would love it if he played either role. I've seen him play villains well in the past and I've seen him play the hero well so it doesn't matter which he plays...but I think the smarter thing to do is to have him play as Shazam, so that people can see that he is playing a superhero and will want to check it out because of him.

So if Dwayne Johnson plays [Shazam](movie:738107), that leaves the question: "Who will play as Black Adam?" Well I don't really have a specific actor in mind because Black Adam is a character that is going to be VERY hard to cast, not because he's a bad character, but because so many actors could do this if they build themselves up. The only person I would pick myself is Manu Bennett.

I know he's playing as Slade Wilson in CW's Arrow, well it's been confirmed that the TV Universe and the Cinematic DC Universe are not connected so I think Bennett could pull it off. He's built, he can act evilly, and he sort of looks like Black Adam.

I'm sure they already have writers and directors working on the film but I would still like to give my thoughts as to who should be the director and writer and I pick...Peter Jackson. Why? Well Peter Jackson is a fantastic visual director and does well with adventurous fantasy films. The Hobbit films showed this perfectly. If you think about it: Shazam is going to be a very visual movie with a lot of fantasy. I know it's somewhat typecasting but I am interested to see what Jackson could do with a superhero film like this.

Peter jackson
Peter jackson

Now that's the director, as for writing I'd rather have Jackson not worry about it because...well he's a little reliant on changing source material. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Hobbit films but his tendencies to add pointless romances and overly dramatic scenes that go on WAAAAY too long (King Kong, again great movie) do tend to irritate once and a while. So in terms of writing, I'd actually like either Zack Snyder or the writer of Batman V Superman to join this project, just so we can keep continuity consistent throughout the DC universe.

Now we get to the part I really want to talk about. See I've heard people talk about this movie by saying, "They're probably going to change his origin and not have him be gifted by the Greek Gods and give him a more realistic story, so maybe they will throw Billy Batson out completely." ........Really?

Yeah...they will throw out the thing that makes Shazam iconic and what gives him such a likable personality. If you say so. If these people are correct and this happens, then DC will have failed from the start. Zack Snyder is a fan of these characters, he would not allow the writers to butcher them like that. I don't get why people are saying, "DC is trying to be realistic!" Not really. Nolan's universe tried to be realistic but that universe has NOTHING to do with Snyder's universe. I mean we have an alien who can defy gravity, shooting sunbeams out of his eyes, and move faster than a speeding bullet and a man who dresses up as a bat while driving an armored vehicle around...yeah you're not going to get realism here. Sure, they make these heroes seem more plausible but that's because they are trying to show these fantastic unrealistic heroes on a realistic Earth, there's a difference. This brings me to one of the things I hope for: bring on the magic. With magic being involved not only can we easily explain powers but it can lead to another weakness of Superman which is magic. Also with the Greek Gods being involved in the Shazam movie, it can be what my next point is.

Shazam Can Be the PERFECT set up for Wonder Woman.

With Shazam, you can introduce magic and the Greek Gods such as...Hera and Ares. At the end of Shazam, you could build up Ares to be the villain which goes up against Wonder Woman in her own movie. Hera also being the one who grants Wonder Woman her abilities (depending on which version of Wonder Woman this will be. Hopefully not that horrid New 52 Wonder Woman.) could also be set up in Shazam.

Shazam Could Open the DC Universe to Other Worlds and Characters!

The Justice League face many magical foes from Earth and other dimensions. Villains such as Darkseid (while not magic, does come from another dimension), Trigon, Bizarro, the Spectre, or the heroes Doctor Fate and Zatanna can be introduced because of Shazam.

In terms of Shazam's look, there's not much I really want them to do other than use the suit from New 52 since I am a fan of the hood and Clock of Wisdom that he where and a little touch for them to being to his look is have the white parts of the suit be surging with lightning like in the Injustice Gods Among Us game. Really for the most part, I just want them to be able to pull off the suit and make it a fabric suit. If you have to, do what they did for Glenn Close in Guardians of the Galaxy and create brand new types of fabric that can pull it off.

As for characters, I say leave Mary Marvel out of it for right now and have Billy Batson be the only one with these abilities. Speaking of, I hope they don't try to age Billy Batson up too much because a huge part of what makes Shazam a great character is that he's an innocent and fun loving kid in a grown man's body, thus giving a literal coming of age story...okay I apologize that was the worst joke I could ever make. I would prefer if Billy was 10-13 years old because if he's a teenager then Shazam would be just an angsty, cocky, idiot and I don't know if I'd care for that. I'm not going to fancast Billy Batson because I actually want them to get an actor no one knows of and see what they can do with it. I think it was a brilliant idea to give us two Superman films before a Shazam movie because now, there can be a reason why Batson looks up to Superman so much.

The action of the movie is one of the main reasons I picked Jackson and Snyder, both know how to do action while give a great story so hopefully if these two do work together on this that the action is a more brightly lit one. I loved Man of Steel's fights but personally I hope that the main fight between Shazam and Black Adam is brightly lit fight, is fast paced, fun, tense, and jaw dropping because think about it: these are two men with literal power of Gods. This has potential to be the best action that DC has ever given us, it could top the Man of Steel Smallville fight.

As for the title, I can understand calling it something else other than "Shazam!" because people will look at that title and say, "No thanks." but I'm not exactly sure what to call it then. Maybe go the Man of Steel route and call it: "Living Lightningbolt" or "World's Mightiest Mortal" but both of his nicknames don't make good movie titles. Personally I have no problem with calling the movie "Shazam!" or maybe "Shazam!: Power of the Gods."

So those are my hopes for this movie and what I think this movie can do for the DC Cinematic Universe. Do you think Shazam! could be a great movie or a complete bomb? Tell me in the comments below.


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