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San Diego Comic-Con may be over for another year, but that doesn't mean we've heard all the amazing stories from SDCC 2014.

Get ready for a beautiful story about human kindness.

Last week, a Californian man, known only by his username GimpyJesus, posted a conundrum on Reddit that he wanted users to help him with: 'I have no job, I'm poor... do I go to San Diego Comic-Con or sell my ticket?'

That's when the post got interesting.

  Reddit user GimpyJesus
Reddit user GimpyJesus

GimpyJesus explained that as an unemployed disabled Army veteran searching for work, he could really use the money to pay bills and rent. However among the many comments of people offering to buy the ticket from him, a user by the name of tardis777 left this comment is what i'm gonig [sic] to do to help you make a decision. If you promise to go to coimc con in the next 4 hours....I will paypal you $300 the condition being you go to comic con and have a good time.

Though it seemed like a joke, GimpyJesus got in contact with tardis777 and soon updated his post with this message

edit: an amazing Redditor... Tardis777, offered me some money to enjoy myself... and I will...keep tabs for next year, I'll pay it forward in an amazing way!

What a truly selfless act and such an awesome thing to do for a fellow Comic-Con fan!

Comic-Con had massive emotional value for the veteran, as he'd bonded there with his father, who has since passed away.

No doubt he enjoyed Comic-con even more thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger.


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