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Sometimes you can see it coming, a celebrity heads down a dark path and a crime seems inevitable. Sometimes, though, the nature of the crime is the most shocking thing...

Stealing McDonalds from a homeless men? Playing the bongos totally nude? Setting free lobsters from a grocery store's fish-tank? Here are the most bonkers celebrity crimes you've never heard about...


Edward Furlong acts shellfishly

A long way from his Terminator 2 days, Eddie Furlong has a list of convictions longer than all of Arnie's guns put together. But among the weirdest is his arrest for public intoxication that saw him liberating lobsters from a Kentucky grocery store's tank. At the time, some tabloids tried to link the incident to Furlong's PETA membership, but I have my doubts...


Bill Murray breaking, entering, and... Cleaning?

How big of an A-hole is Bill Murray? Well, assuming the claims from his ex wife of "adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment", then I'm leaning towards colossal. Still, the weirdest "crime" Bill committed - technically - was breaking and entering. Apparently, he turned up at a student house party in Scotland, did the dishes, and left.

...And all this time we thought he was just the best part of Rushmore.


Sean Penn gets all fired up

The paparazzi as we know it was born the day Madonna married Penn, in 1985. Up to that point, the media generally respected private events like weddings, and certainly didn't concoct ingenious methods to gain access. That changed the moment a fleet of eight helicopters were seen buzzing over the open-air wedding venue in Malibu, prompting a furious Sean to start firing at them with a very real gun.

Perhaps the incident can explain Penn's professional leap from It's All About Love to Gangster Squad...


Winona Ryder is a shoplifter, interrupted

Winona Ryder seemed to have it all, so it came as a huge shock when the Beetlejuice star was arrested for shoplifting at the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue store. Would you feel guilty if you shoplifted from corporate America? In Ryder's first interview on that fateful day in 2001, she confessed that she really didn't - and I'm glad. Still, how does a young, beautiful movie star find herself in the starring role as an alleged shoplifter!?


Woody Harrelson acts ADORKABLY

Back in '82, before Woody joined Cheers, he was busted for disturbing the peace by...drunkenly dancing in the middle of the road! When the cops pulled up, Woody was thrown in the back of their police van but, fuelled with that boozy confidence we know too well, Woody made a break for it. Once he was caught, he punched one of the cops and was charged with assault and resisting arrest.

Other weird Woody crime sprees include planting hemp seeds and getting done for "mischief" after climbing the Golden Gate Bridge to protest the chopping down of California redwood trees. Legend.


Shia LaBeouf causes Cabaret chaos

Apparently, LaBeouf accosted a homeless man and demanded that he hand over the McDonald's bag he was holding. The homeless man refused and sort of taunted LaBeouf with it, then ran away, prompting LaBeouf to chase him through traffic... Shia was later dragged out of his Broadway production of Cabaret in handcuffs and arrested for disruptive behavior. Good.


Matthew McConaughey drums up police attention

Before McConaughey's chick-flick career skyrocketed, thanks to his six pack and Southern drawl, the True Detective star was arrested in his Texas home for possession of drug paraphernalia. What's more, Matty was discovered by police dancing STARK NAKED and playing the bongos. Charges were later dropped, though McConaughey did pay a $50 fine for violating noise restrictions with said loud bongo music...

There must've been a few female cops involved!


What's the weirdest celebrity crime you've heard of?


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