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We are providing you with all the best tips, tricks and hidden goodies that can be found within the Destiny Beta. We have sourced all this info from our own gameplay, fellow gaming outlets and of course all you lovable gamers!

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This whole guide is for all platforms with certain console specific sections.

As you may have deduced from all the hysterical screaming, Destiny's beta is now live and is now also availible on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you haven't got access, or you're only just starting out, our introductory Destiny Xbox & PS4 beta info round-up may be of service. If you have, and you're wondering how best to entertain yourself outside of story missions, please accept this collection of Destiny secrets, tips and side activities.

It's the first of several how-to pieces we'll publish during the beta period - among other things, I'll have tips to share on how to earn Glimmer (the game's currency) and levelling up double-quick, which should still be relevant by the time the game hits shelves in September. Good hunting, everybody.

"The sheer expanse of Destiny is breathtaking" Gamertag Editor

Detailed help in getting started

Almost everything in Destiny seems a bit baffling at first before very, very quickly becoming second nature. You will find yourself casting sideways glances at games with less delightful inventory management, for example. You’re a smart type, you can probably just figure it out as you go – but if you don’t feel like you’re “getting it” (or haven’t even got the client) maybe these various explanations will assist you before fashion leaves you behind.

Getting started with the Destiny beta

First you’ll need the beta client. Redeem your invite code at to receive three download codes for your platform of choice. After that, or if you’ve only been given a download code, redeem this second code at the PlayStation or Xbox Store. You need to download the client and any update files, but once that’s finished, you’re not done; fire up the client itself so it can download the rest of the content.

Once you’re in, your first task is to choose a class.

Destiny's Titan
Destiny's Titan

Titan:The basic commando class. Play this if you want to be powerful and survivable; run and gun. Your first special power is an area-of-effect attack triggered at dangerously close-range; in later levels, you’ll unlock a defensive sphere which will have tactical applications. The Titan hits hard with an electrical punch melee, and is identified by heavy armour and a swathe of cloth worn on one hip. The Titan’s special melee does a megaton of damage; its grenades will disorient enemies


Warlock:The “magic” class. Play this if you want to rely on more than your guns and twitch skills. Your first special power is an area-of-effect attack triggered at medium range via a leaping throw, which must be carefully aimed; in later levels, you’ll be able to apply a self-buff. The Warlock thrusts an outstretched palm before them crackling with Traveler light to melee, and are easily spotted thanks to their long dusters or robes. The Warlock’s melee special reduces grenade cooldown; note that the Warlock’s grenade explodes on first impact, which can be easier for beginners to use effectively.

Detiny's Hunter
Detiny's Hunter

Hunter:The sniper or rogue class. Play this if you like to play either a precise distance game, or get up close and personal with melee. Your first special power is a powerful, three-shot weapon; in later levels your melee attacks will become even more deadly. The Hunter wears a short cape around their neck, and uses a brutal knife attack to melee. The Hunter’s special melee is a thrown knife which requires skilful targeting but is a lifesaver when retreating before a pack of enemies, and its grenade does persistent fire damage.

The rest of character creation is entirely cosmetic; there are no gameplay difference between the races. The Awoken are a race born from humans who fled the Collapse and returned changed. The Exo are a race of Golden Age machines far beyond the capacity of post-Collapse human science. Apart from the obvious cosmetic differences, the races have different emotes. You know who to pick if you want to do the robot.

Important controls

Most of Destiny’s controls are pretty standard fare so I won’t bug you with “right stick to aim” and “left trigger for iron sights” waffle. Here are the things you need to know about:

Summon Ghost: Summon your ghost to reveal a waypoint where applicable, and in later levels to summon a sparrow (ground vehicle) or return to orbit. Call Peter Dinklage to you with Select (PS3), the touch pad (PS4), Back (Xbox 360) or View (Xbox One; that’s the weird overlapping boxes one).

Grenade: left bumper. It’s on a cooldown and isn’t available at first level.

Melee: right bumper. A few levels in you unlock a special melee effect governed by a cooldown timer.

Super attack: left and right bumper. It charges with damage dealt and isn’t available at early levels.

Emote: D-pad– Up is “wave”, a greeting that varies by race– Down sits– Left points– Right is dance, an animation that varies by race

Player interaction: right stick tap. Highlighting and then selecting another player with this will allow you to open a menu with interactions like party up or inspect.

First steps

Unlike the alpha, the Destiny beta actually starts at the beginning of the game. Your character is revived by a ghost, and guided through a tutorial – how to sprint, how to use a gun, and so on. In this early mission you are only first level and won’t have access to your powers – grenades, double jumping, special melee and special attacks. Grit your teeth and push on; you’ll get to the good stuff.

Once you’ve finished this mandatory first section, visit the tower and have a bit of an explore. Green markers show important destinations; you need to check in at the post office (this is where you’ll find loot you failed to collect, but for now Bungie has a message for you) and possibly the decoder (who identifies equipment for you), as well as visit your class leader (an armour vendor) and visit the shipsmith and weaponsmith.

The other vendors aren’t useful to you right now, but when you come back at higher levels (or with more cash in your pockets) you can buy new ships and ground vehicles and well as cloaks and other customisation materials, and accept bounties for PvP and PvE.

It’s a good idea to open your inventory and have a fiddle in this safe space; the weird virtual mouse takes a while to get used to, and it’s in your interests to learn how to quickly equip new gear, as there’s no pausing out there in the wild. Any rare items you want to keep and share across characters can be deposited in the vaults in the Tower courtyard, but otherwise highlight and press square on PlayStation or X on Xbox to disassemble. You don’t sell stuff at shops; you trade it in for materials and currency right in your inventory.

Note that some equipment supports upgrades in addition to existing bonus stats; if you use these items enough, you’ll be given the option to pay a fee to unlock these, which range from faster reloading with specific weapon types to finding more items to better scopes. Press triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox to access the upgrade sub menu. The same system applies when upgrading your character, so check that out, too.

Do not jump off the balcony in the Tower if you value your skin.

Choosing a mission

Until you hit level 5 you cannot access the Crucible, Destiny’s multiplayer arena, and the Moon is off-limits in the beta even though it appears on the map once you’ve done a few missions. Nevertheless, the first time you visit the map you can learn all the basics.

In orbit, you access the map by selecting “choose destination”. You can then mouse between the Tower, the Earth and later the Moon and the Crucible.

What you see on the Earth map depends on what missions you’ve done and your level, but all you need to know is there are three kinds of mission available:

Destiny Story:

You can play these alone or with up to two friends in a fire team (party), and if you go in alone you may see other players wandering the map with you. They unlock as you progress and unfurl the narrative. If you are well-equipped and in the right level range there’s no reason not to try these on your own.


A co-op mission, and Destiny’s equivalent of a raid. You must play these in groups of three; if you aren’t already in a fire team Destiny will matchmake for you, but you may then drop in halfway through the mission. These story missions feature difficult boss encounters and set-piece battles, and having a headset will be a major advantage. You will be rewarded with gear if you complete the mission. You can revive fallen comrades and if the whole party wipes you just restart at the last checkpoint.


Wander the environment with no narrative goals. Optional side-quests are automatically generated for you at various fixed points across the map, and mostly include visiting specific points, clearing out enemies, or collecting items. This is a great way to collect loot, level up and get to know the environments intimately if you’re not feeling up to a story or strike mission.

When you highlight a mission you’ll see a description with its name, type and suggested level range. Once you choose a mission you’re given the opportunity to choose a difficulty level; there are various rewards on offer for those who elect to challenge themselves, and a guide will show you whether your equipment is up to the challenge, so you can always go shopping before you do.


To access PvP, you need to reach level five and visit the Tower to speak to a Crucible recruiter. Accept his invitation, then return to orbit.

All PvP takes place in the Crucible, a map area to the right of the Earth. Any help you need beyond this point is best provided by the steep learning curve of going up against Bungie fans.

A more detailed guide into Titans, Warlocks and Hunters

But first - If it’s an epic space opera you’re after, Bungie looks set to deliver if our first few hours in Destiny’s beta is anything to go by.

Witness over 20 minutes of awesome action below. The game is due for release September 7th.

Destiny is a shared-worlds shooter rather than an MMO, so despite the synergies between the two genres, you don’t necessarily need to worry about building a character to work with others, or insisting on a “holy trinity” when forming a fire team.

Similarly, while you need to think tactically and use your skills effectively, even in strikes gunplay is super important. As long as you like shooting things, you don’t need to worry too much about class – pick the one that seems like it will be the most fun to play.

Titan: the Destiny tank

The Titan is more heavily armoured than other classes and has the ability to regenerate health. This makes it great for those who like to run around without having to worry about cover too much; who like to get in close with shotguns; or who want to work with others by creating a defensive barrier and distraction while fire team mates lay down the smack. Although we’re calling Titan’s tanks, don’t be fooled; they’re excellent at dishing out damage.

The Titan’s double jump is called Lift, and is focused on perpendicular motion. As the heaviest class, the Titan definitely doesn’t waft about like the Hunter, but when fully upgraded Lift will allow you to harness a burst of speed, getting you out of trouble – or closing a gap quickly to deliver a powerful melee blow.

Speaking of which, the Titan has an interesting melee; all that power armour allows for electric strikes. The special melee does bonus damage, and when upgraded, there’s a chance to immediately reset its cooldown and do area of effect damage. When fully upgraded, the special melee reduces cooldown on super attacks.

The super is called Fist of Havoc and is a ground-pound with area-of-effect damage. When upgraded, it drops a persistent damaging field, can be aimed mid-jump, and unleashed a shockwave along a horizontal plane.

The Titan’s grenade is a flashbang type; it will temporarily disorient enemies caught in its area of effect. This gives the Titan a strategic possibility, allowing it to control a firezone. The grenade can be upgraded twice. The first adds periodic damage to its effects, and the second makes it sticky.

By upgrading the Titan’s class foci, you can double down on battle recovery and speed; increase the leap distance of Fist of Havoc; increase the duration of grenades and Fist of Havoc’s field; regenerate health with melee kills; increase survivability while using your super; melee after sprinting; and gain a shield after sprinting.

Warlock: the Destiny mage

A good choice for those looking for something a bit different from the space marine paradigm, Warlocks are heavy damage dealers who, while lightly armoured, are tough to kill thanks to various regenerative properties. Still, you’re made of glass, so if you intend to play a Warlock be warned that you’ll need to keep your distance, stick to cover, and spam magic. The Warlock should take advantage of openings created by other classes to unleash their powerful abilities, and avoid the frontlines.

The Warlock’s double jump, Glide, isn’t super buoyant but allows for quite a lot of air time and travel distance. When fully upgraded, it is replaced by a short distance teleport. I hope I don’t need to explain how useful that could be, perhaps for closing the gap to melee.

The most spectacular regular attack, the Warlock’s melee involves a blast of void energy delivered with the palm of the hand. The special melee reduces the cooldown on grenades, and can be upgraded to increase movement speed on kills, restore health and reduce the cooldown on your super.

The super can be tricky to aim, as the Warlock leaps into the air and hurls a bolt of energy at the enemy; if you’re too close, you’ll likely miss completely as the enemy dodges around you. It’s an area of effect attack, but its upgrades are different to the Titan’s attack: at full power, the super splits into three projectiles, travels a long way at high speed, and adds persistent damage while trapping enemies within its field.

The Warlock’s grenade does persistent damage and traps enemies in its field, but it’s easy to aim and takes effect on first impact. When upgraded, it will produce child grenades to lay down a carpet of damage, and at full power the child munitions will seek enemies.

Speed is the first bonus of the Warlock class foci, but you can also increase super, grenade and special melee range and duration; have your super track enemies; and as the piece de resistance, have enemies killed by your powers explode, dealing damage to nearby comrades.

And finally, the Hunter class…

Hunter: the Destiny rogue

The Hunter is a class for nimble kills and skill shots; it requires and favours precision and quick thinking. Hunters are less survivable than Titans and lack the regenerative abilities of Warlocks, but they excel both at a distance in on the frontlines – provided they keep on their toes. It’s the class to play if you want to be challenged and surprised with new encounters every time you play, switching between playstyles to suit the situation.

The Hunter has a great double jump; the fact that it’s just called Double Jump should tell you how it differs from the other classes. You’ll have much greater choice over where you go and when, making the double jump a highly effective tool in a skilled player’s combat arsenal. When fully upgraded, it’s actually atriple jump, reaches amazing heights, and is effortlessly manoeuvrable.

An incredibly satisfying melee animation makes the Hunter a great class for stabbing unwary enemies in the back. The special melee is in a whole other class – it’s actually a ranged attack, and opens a wealth of tactical options. Its upgrades are great, too; you’ll be able to instantly recharge the skill with a presicion kill, inflict persistent damage over time, and even extend the duration of your super.

The Hunter’s super is probably the least exciting of the three, but it’s also the easiest to get a hit in with, as it spawns a golden hand cannon and grants you three quick, powerful shots that do tremendous damage. It can be upgraded for greater accuracy and reduced cooldown, and when powered up to maximum will cause defeated foes to explode, damaging other enemies nearby.

The grenade deals persistent fire damage, but takes some effort to master, as it bounces about and explodes after a short delay. Upgrading mitigates this delay t explode on impact, and also release drones to seek enemies. The final upgrade is a tactician’s dream; it sticks to a surface, and detonates when enemies pass through a trigger zone.

The Hunter’s class foci increase battle recovery and toughness, but also have great effects on other skills. By fully upgrading, you’ll reduce grenade and special melee cooldown by picking up ammo; shoot through enemies with your super; increase weapon stability and reload speed up to three stacks with precision kills; increase the range of your super; and unlock a second special melee.

Lets have a little look at combat and how to become a master of the galaxy

1. Pace yourself

During my demo, I found myself caught in the middle of a battle between the Hive and the Fallen. With bullets flying on all sides and waves comprising of Fallen Captains, Hive Wizards and cloaked assassins and snipers popping up all over the place, we found that the best tactic for combat was to take our time, and under no circumstances get drawn out into the middle of the map. As in Battlefield, spotting targets before bringing them down is vital - if you don't land the killing shot, an ally might. That said, always keep moving too, as enemies can often creep up on unaware players and those who dig in.

2. Stay alive, don't revive

It's important to move between defensible points, just in case you're ambushed. Luckily there's usually plenty of cover dotted around Destiny's many locations, so make sure to use it to block off any heavy fire directed your way. One of the most important tips for scenarios like Strike mode, however, is this: if both your teammates are downed, resist the urge to rush in and revive them. Instead just focus on staying alive, as they'll respawn on their own after 30 seconds.

3. Scout ahead

At times you'll find yourself up against larger, less mobile opponents, like the robo-arachnoid Devil Walker. When that happens, don't immediately duck behind cover, but try to scout around and get your bearings. Larger bosses are often accompanied by smaller respawning enemies, however, so watch your step. Searching the area before fully engaging with a boss will usually yield handy and otherwise easily overlooked items. You might also discover a secure vantage point from which to take down a few foes.

4. Spread out

Whilst teamwork is obviously commendable, it's important to maintain a certain distance from your fellow Guardians. Many enemy attacks have a surprisingly wide radius, putting you all in danger of a total wipe-out. Instead of holding hands, spread out and try to cover one another as you alternate attacking, charging and reloading. Bigger enemies can only really target one area at a time, and they'll usually shoot for whichever Guardian they think is the biggest threat. So, take turns focusing fire and always making sure to stay out of line of sight whilst picking up ammo or other items. Don't do a Leeroy Jenkins and expect your teammates to pick up the slack.

5. Aim for the sweet spot

If the Devil's Walker mini-boss fight is any indication, bosses in Destiny have specific weak spots that you can (but don't necessarily have to) target to bring them down faster. In the case of the Walker, it's the yellow spots on its knees. Keep plugging away at those whilst avoiding the tank's devastating blasts and eventually, the Walker will stumble to reveal its glowing orange engine innards. At that point it's all about pulling out your heavy weapons, grenades and special attacks and going all out at it - you'll likely have to do this two or three times before the boss goes down for good.

6. Be weapon savvy

As a Guardian, you'll have two available standard weapons to switch between with a tap of Y button. Holding down Y will equip your heavy weapon. Each of these weapons its own specific ammunition type, which is colour-coded so you can easily distinguish it on the battlefield. Heavy weapon bullets, for example, are purple. Any ammo you see is unique to your session, too, so don't worry about being greedy and just take what you need - other players won't be able to steal it while your back's turned.

Playing on Xbox One ?

How to get access, hard drive requirements and what to expect

Destiny's beta hits Xbox One and Xbox 360today, at 10am PDT, 6pm UK time and 3am Sydney time, and runs till 27th July. Are you read for lift-off, Guardian? Because if you're still getting to grips with the idea of a spiritual successor to Halo, here's a little round-up of need-to-know Destiny beta details. I'll add more info as it descends from orbit.

How do I access the Destiny Xbox beta?

Right now, the only way is to pre-order Destiny from participating retailers, but we suspect Bungie will give a few codes away through other channels - you may wish to follow the developer on Twitter and like the Facebook page, if you haven't already. Each 9-digit Destiny beta code includes three download keys, so by all means share the love. Additionally, you can pre-order the game up to four times (once per supported console) in order to nab a grand total of 12 download keys. An Xbox Gold subscription is required to play on Xbox platforms.

How much hard drive space do I need for the Destiny Xbox beta?

It's alleged to fill about 12.63GB on Xbox One - we're still waiting for an announcement about the Xbox 360 version, though Bungie has confirmed that the Destiny beta won't run on an Xbox 360 Arcade console, Xbox 360 4GB console or Xbox 360 Core System, due to storage limitations. USB flash drives and external hard drives also aren't supported by the Destiny beta.

So, how much content does the Destiny Xbox beta include?

Where the alpha bumped new players to level four in order to showcase certain advanced options, the beta starts you off at level zero, and allows you to rank up to level eight. After watching the opening cinematic, you'll be able to customise your appearance, class, race and gender. The classes are the Titan (powerful, tough soldiers), Hunter (stealth and reconnaissance) and Warlock (space wizards, basically). The races are the Exo (ancient robots), Awoken (ethereal elf-type aliens) and human (self-important hairless apes).

Players will be able to explore the Cosmodrome area from Old Russia on Earth, with certain areas blocked off by clusters of impossibly high-level enemies. You'll also get to visit the Tower, a hub zone in Earth's last city where you'll accept missions from NPCs, socialise with Xbox Live acquaintances and buy, upgrade or unlock weapons, gear and accessories. While exploring, you may also uncover secret loot, perform stunts aboard your Sparrow landspeeder or participate in spontaneous open world firefights.

Objectives include scanning pockets of wreckage with your Ghost, a sentient drone voiced by Peter Dinklage, and defending drill sites from waves of foes. Enemies include the Fallen (space pirates), Hive (insect swarms), Dregs (sort of like the Grunts from Halo) and Vandals (sort of like the Jackals from Halo). You should be particularly wary of Fallen Captains, who can teleport, and Hive Wizards, who are endowed with magical shields. Be mindful, too, that it's not possible to revive other players or respawn in certain, trickier sections of the game.

What about story missions?

There are four, so far, not including the tutorial mission - Restoration (unlocked at level two), The Dark Within (unlocked at level three), The Warmind (unlocked at level four) and The Last Array (unlocked at level five). They all take place in the Old Russia area.

What about Destiny's multiplayer?

The beta includes a co-op Strike mission for fireteams of up to three players and the Crucible competitive multiplayer component, which is unlocked when you reach level five. There's only one head-to-head mode available in the beta, Control, in which teams of up to six players do battle. Four maps are included: Blind Watch is set on Mars, Rusted Lands on Earth, Shores of Time on Venus, and First Light on the Moon. Player loadouts and progression will transfer between solo, co-op and competitive play, as in the final game.

What sort of high-level options will there be?

If you've cleaned out literally everything else, you might want to search the Cosmodrome for Golden Chests and the hidden relics of dead Ghosts - the former contain top-end loot, such as flash new ground vehicles, while the latter unlock bits of backstory and Glimmer (Destiny's currency). Grimoire Cards can also be earned by completing certain mini-jectives, comparable to Assignments in Battlefield multiplayer. Beyond that, you might consider turning the difficulty up, pestering the theoretically unkillable over-powered enemies that loiter around the fringes of Old Russia, or attempting some of the co-op missions on your lonesome. Oh, and if all else fails, you can play football while exploring the Tower.

Will the Destiny Xbox One beta run at 1080p?

Not according to Bungie's community manager David Dague, but the developer has promised that it'll be 1080p at launch, running at 30 frames a second.

On Playstation 4 and Xbox One -

Will my progress carry over to the final game?

Play the Destiny beta from 8pm PDT on 26th July to unlock an exclusive player emblem for the retail version of the game. Beyond that, Bungie is still thrashing out how much of your progress will carry over. "It's something that we are trying to figure out," says community boss David Dague.

Should I bother with the Destiny companion app?

Yes. It's free, for one thing, and it allows you to customise a character's inventory, track currently available quests and activities, and brood over Crucible and story stats. Any changes you make to a character will be displayed on a fully 3D, fully rotatable model - just the thing for dazzling fellow commuters on the London underground. The app is available for iOS and Android phones.

A few more tips to finish with -

Don't create a character - create an army

While you can't switch class at will, it's possible to field several characters in the Destiny beta and share items between them. To do this, head to the Tower (Destiny's social and trading hub) and store your items in the Vault; they should be available when you boot up another character.

Play Football

As people never tire of pointing out, there's a football to find in the Tower. All you can do at the time of writing is run (or jump) into it to push it around. Faintly futile, yes, but a not-unpleasant way to wind down with friends between hard-fought Crucible skirmishes.

Pay the NPC's a visit

You'll interact with the occupants of the Tower regularly in order to access missions or buy new gear, vehicles, upgrades, but it's worth paying repeated visits to particular NPCs just for the sake of it. The Postmaster, for instance, may have messages for you after you complete a Social Event in Explore mode, and these messages often contain cash gifts. Be sure to speak to him at least once to receive a cool 500 Glimmer from Bungie as thanks for downloading the beta.

There's also the Cryptarch, who will decipher Encrypted Engrams that are found in the Crucible or out in the open world, unlocking the item concerned for use. Be wary of asking him to decipher Engrams once you reach level eight, however, as these may turn out to be level nine items that can't be accessed in the beta (Bungie has yet to announce whether players will be able to transfer their progress to the final game) You'll want to speak to your friendly neighbourhood Vanguard, too, in order to receive a free class-specific Armor piece.

Last but not least, it's possible to set up to six "bounties" - three for use in Crucible multiplayer, and three for co-op, story or Explore missions - once you reach level six: these are mini-objectives with their own separate set of rewards. Speak to the imaginatively named Bounty Tracker for more.

Find, get killed by and maybe defeat impossibly high level enemies

Bungie has tucked a number of infini-levelled enemies into the Old Russia area, partly to limit the range of player exploration, and partly because they're a bunch of miserable sadists. For instance: if you set out straight ahead from the spawn point during an Explore mission, head into the first building you see, down a stairway, through a hole in the wall, down a second stairway and then right to another hole in the wall, you'll discover... a set of Hive Hallowed Acolytes who will proceed to shoot you stone dead. Thanks for the tip, Hardcore Gamer.

You might also consider heading to the Skywatch area (which hosts an on-going battle between Fallen and Hive troops) and checking out the cliff barrier on the far side. There's a hole you can jump through to find a treasure chest which is defended by a single Knight. The Knight can't be killed by conventional means, but as VG247 notes, you can always lure him out of his hole then have a friend ram him off the cliff with their Sparrow. Speaking of vehicles...

Grab a Pike

Each character in Destiny gets a spaceship - a glorified fast-travel option, at the time of writing - and a personal vehicle that can be summoned while you roam the map. The default option is the Sparrow, a nimble, unarmed landspeeder-type thingy, great for pulling stunts with but not so great when spear-heading an assault on a Devil Walker. This can be upgraded by speaking to the right people in the Tower: you might swap to the (functionally identical) Shrike, buy a new paintjob or install more powerful thrusters. Those who are interested in firepower may prefer to steal a vehicle from one of the enemy factions (alas, these can't be kept once the mission is over). The Fallen ride Pikes, for example, which are equipped with forward-firing cannons, a speed-boost and the ability to strafe. They're a bit like the Covenant Ghost in Halo.

Find hidden chests and dead ghosts

These appear in random spots within set locations, and give off a faint metallic noise. In particular, watch out for Gold chests that house rarer and more valuable gear - there are five in the Old Russia area. Once you've scooped the lot, consider hunting for the sad spherical corpses of dead Ghost drones, collection of which earns Grimoire points and cards, collection of which earns you a bit of Glimmer plus new insights on Destiny's backstory. There are three dead Ghosts in the Tower that we know about, though most are to be found in Old Russia.

Buddy up - Get a faction

These include Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and Future War Cult. You'll gain reputation with a particular faction if you wear one of their class-specific items during multiplayer matches - these can be bought from Faction representatives in the Tower. As previously noted, it's not clear how much of this will transfer to the full game, so perhaps don't take the relationship too seriously for the moment.

Get a piece of the exotic

The most intricately over-designed, bizarrely-named and powerful of Destiny's firearms are the Exotics, of which you can only have one equipped at once. Finding them will be tough

Who killed the Traveller?

Bungie's Destiny trailer reminds me of Call of Duty. No, wise guy, I'm not just talking about their shared propensity for guns. The trailer pacing is familiar, building to a crescendo via a highlights reel of panoramas, spaceship flybys and enemy yelling-at-camera shots. And then there's the music. Dat bass drop, etc. Troubling signs that the game is more of an action-fest than suspected, or is it just presentation?

More tips and easter eggs! 27/07/14

Extra Damage from Shooting from the Hip

Shoot before you aim down your sights for a higher chance of killing your opponent. Make sure the shots are hitting first since you move slower while aiming down sights.

Heavy Ammo in Crucible

Two Heavy Ammo crates appear on the map every few minutes in Crucible. If you open the crate yourself, you get Heavy Ammo -- but your teammates don't. However, if you wait for your team to be very nearby to open the crate, they will get ammo too. This puts you at risk, however, while you wait for your team to show up.

The Postmaster Has Your Loot

If you forget to pick up some of your loot, the best of it will go to the Postmaster in the Tower. Visit the helpful droid when you can.

Don't Share Personal Information

If someone says they will give you rare loot and gear in exchange for your email and passcode, don't do it.

Shotgun + Melee = Victory

Fans of Halo know that the Shotgun was a force to be reckoned with. In the event you didn't get the kill, you could follow it up with a quick punch to finish off your enemies. This tactic can be used again in Destiny, whether playing campaign or PVP in the Crucible. Blast your shotgun and always follow it up with a quick melee attack to ensure you always get a kill.


Make sure to jump into Explore mode sometimes and roam around the environments. There are a lot of hidden areas that house powerful enemies or secret items. This is a great way to save money, as you can find rare items to use without having to purchase them. You'll find Golden Chests, rare loot, and much more.

Loot Farming: Infinite Glimmer (and some Gear)

Choose Explore Cosmodrome and head to the left through the caves to the Forgotten Shore. Loot chests randomly spawn in a cave in this area. Collect the loot, then hop on your Sparrow and head back to the entrance to the Forgotten Shore. When you leave the area, the chest will respawn. Return to collect it again. This can be replicated in a number of areas -- just note the specific location of the chests may change after a few returns. Watch the video above for more.

Dress for Success

In Destiny, you will find that leveling occurs often, and because the game is a shooter, it's understandable if you forget that you can actually change your gear. Make sure to check your gear each time you level up and see if there are pieces that are outdated and need replacing. If you're looking to learn more about gear, check out our Armour page.

Weapons have Levels Too!

A point many people miss, is that their weapons and armours level up as you use them. Make sure to keep an eye on this, as you can unlock special bonuses on them as they gain levels. This can turn a low level gun into a powerful, bullet raining device!

Bounties Provide XP for Weapons and Armor

Once you hit Level 6, go to The Tower and walk straight up the stairs and to the left. Here you can talk to a robot to pick up bounties from the Bounty Board. Bounties are Achievement-like challenges for experience, for both singleplayer and multiplayer. When redeeming a bounty, make sure you have weapons and armor pieces equipped that could use some extra XP to unlock those upgrades.

Orbs of Light

Using your special power successfully can generate an Orb of Light. These are actually used to charge up your special ability, which means your allies will now get theirs much quicker thanks to you using yours. For this reason, you shouldn't hold onto a charged ability, use it often and spread the Orbs of Light around to benefit your entire team.

Bosses Hold The Goods

Like any loot oriented game, bosses tend to have some of the best stuff. Even though you may have cleared a mission already, it doesn't hurt to run it a few more times and see what items drop from the bosses.

Bosses can also be found in the open world. They can be secrets, hidden away in special parts of the map, or will spawn in during special events. They may not have quite as good loot as ones found in missions, but there is no reason not to kill them and take their loot!

Spider Tank/Devil Walker Trick

The Devil Walker might seem like a ferocious beast, which it is, but there's a trick to taking it down. Just aim for the yellow lights on the legs and shoot the neck when it vents. You can also shoot parts of it off, like smaller weapons on the tank that can be blasted off with precision strikes, rending some of its weapons useless.

Each time a leg is severely damaged, its core will be exposed.

Summon Your Own Vehicle on First Light

Instead of rushing for a vehicle, you can just summon your Sparrow on large vehicle maps like First Light.

Equip Upgradable Items Before Turning in Bounties

Before cashing in bounties, which grant experience, you should equip any items that you want upgraded -- they upgrade with your experience. Most items will fully upgrade with just a couple bounties. So that shiny new rare item can be even more powerful in no time at all.

How to Find a Pike

When in the Forgotten Shore, there's a random chance that a group of Dreg riding Pikes will show up. The Pikes are basically Sparrows with guns. Kill the Dreg and you can ride the Pike around wherever you want.

How to Farm Uncommon Gear

Complete Devil's Lair, the lone Strike Mission in the Beta repeatedly to get a piece of uncommon gear (or two) per completion. Uncommon gear has secondary functions that you want in any good gear.

Public Event Awards

Once a day you can get a reward for completing a Public Event. You can tell a public event is about to happen when the ground shakes and the day turns to night. Beat the public event, return to the tower and speak to the Post Master to get an award -- usually Glimmer and reputation bonuses.

Turn on The Postmaster's Fan, Float a Friend

In The Tower, you can jump on top of the Postmaster's hut and stand on large fan. Meanwhile, have a friend run to the staircase just to the right of the hut (facing out, towards the city) and he or she can hit a button that will activate the fan. You won't see a button, but a prompt for turning on the fan will appear.

See Your Ship in the Tower Hangar Bay

If you enter the Hangar to the right as soon as you enter The Tower, you can see a brief animation of your ship being towed into the dock.

Have Extra Glimmer? Level Up Your Cryptarch

When you have spare Glimmer, go to The Tower and go to the right from the starting point. Talk to your Cryptarch, the first vendor on the right. He sells Weapons and Armor based on your level -- but you must buy them blind. When you spend Glimmer on purchases, the Cryptarch level goes up. You can also return Cryptograms to the Cryptarch to level up, too. The higher the Cryptarch's level, the better the items he will blind offer you.

Warlock Double Jump

Few know that the warlock glide can be controlled multiple ways, if you jump at the height of the jumb you will just glide down but if you jump twice immediately, you can get as high if not higher than a hunters double jump

Entertaining glitches

As this is a beta, or a sort of "trial period", certain bugs, glitches or errors can be exploited by players. While these do not necessarily benefit the player in any particular way, they can make for fun experiments around the world.

Anti-Gravity Glitch

In some cases during the Destiny Beta a glitch will occur where a fallen enemy will drift off towards the sky as if there is no gravity.

Out of Bounds Glitch

As soon as you spawn in the Old Russia exploration map, hop on your sparrow, and stick to the left side of the map. Pass by two enemies, and follow the railing along the left side of the map. Make your way along the railing until you come across a pole with a tree right below it. Hobble your way down the cliff slowly and be sure not to fall off. Once you are on the lowest platform, hop on your sparrow, and head in an 11 o'clock position facing directly outward with your back placed flat against the cliff. You should be able to make it outside the typical boundries wihtout a countdown timer popping up. If you do not stay on this straight 11 o'clock trajectory, you will run into an invisable wall on either side and explode. If done correctly you should be able make your way quite a ways passed the regular bounderies, and then fall through the map before exploding.

Top of the Tower Glitch

Fly on over to the Tower, and as soon as you spawn, head on over to the stairs on the left side of the map. Climb the stairs and hop onto the smaller set of crates up against the wall, and then proceed to hop over to the taller adjacent stack of crates. From here it gets a little trickier, you will have to back up a tiny bit when you jump, and then push forward as fast as you can to hop onto the highest crate in the stack you are now standing on. From here, you will have to run and jump onto the railing to the right of you. If you are not running, you will most likely fall, and have to start the process over. Once you are on the rail, you will find it easier trying to run to the otherside, rather then walk. If you choose to walk, you will find that about half way across the rail you will be shoved off by an invisable fan, or an out of bounds timer will tick down, only leaving you with 9 seconds to make it to the other side (This may take several tries). Once across, there isnt much you can do besides taunt the other players, and make them wonder about how you made it up there in the first place.

Easter eggs

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