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With San Diego Comic Con kicking off tomorrow, the four day event will take in a whole host of popular television and movie franchises.

Following last years disappointing no show from Peter Jackson, due to filming the second instalment of the Hobbit, this year he has confirmed that he will be there in person! This has a lot of fans reeling with excitement hoping to see an exclusive, first trailer of the upcoming finale. This could well be the last time that we ever enter middle earth in the cinematic world, and more than likely ever again with Jackson as our guide. With this perhaps being the culmination of more than a decades work by Jackson brining J.R.R Tolkien's incredible fantasy to life, we expect something of a spectacle at this event!

This feeling has already been catalysed with the release of a brand new 'Battle of the Five Armies' movie poster via his personal Facebook page!

Dubbed, 'The Defining Chapter', the name change from the original 'There and back again' to 'The Battle Of The Five Armies' wasn't greeted at first with a good reception by fans. However, the above stunning photo may have just won them back over, well played Peter Jackson, well played.

[The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312) is set to open 17th December 2014.



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