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Colton Douglas

I'm probably not the only one to say that Disney XD shows suck, and that's because Disney XD shows are complete garbage. Take the 7D for example, it is poorly written with uninteresting characters. Yet people seem to love it. WHY? The only reason I even like it the tiniest bit is the animation. The 7D has a bright and colorful world and I like it, I just don't care for the storylines or the characters.

An example of a GREAT Disney show is American Dragon: Jake Long, which had great storylines and characters. Even the animation was great. Why can't Disney do it again? Well actually they have.Remember Gravity Falls? The show that I love but everyone else hates? That show was simply incredible. It had amazingly put together characters for a Disney show, and the episode storylines were off the hook. So what the hell happened?


Should Disney XD try harder with their shows?

There was even a time when Disney XD played Naruto Shippuden, and they should have continued to play it. Disney XD should be were they play better shows, not the same old bullshit like Might Med. MORE ANIME LESS BULL$HIT!!!


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