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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, I am only saying this once…. Best movie of 2014. I mean between the music, the apes, the humans, there was so much emotions I was feeling, I can’t wait for them to make another movie. I usually don’t go to the movies because it cost roughly around $50.00 if you include food. Don’t tell anyone but I usually just sneak food into my bra, I like when my food gets all sweaty.

The movie was a good two and half hours long; I actually didn’t want the movie to end. After the movie ended my boyfriend and I waited to see if they were going to have something after the end credits, nope not a thing, the ushers were just waiting for us to leave like we were wasting their damn time. I wish there was an extra something after the movie ended. As we waited to see anything at all, my boyfriend Googled if there was something and it said they removed the extra stuff, bastards. Why remove something that could’ve been really awesome?

I guess now days they don’t add something extra after the credits end unless it is a Marvel film, they should though; those are the best parts most of the time. With the amount of money a person pays to see a movie you would think they would add something special for the faithful moviegoers.

But in all seriousness see this movie before it isn’t in theaters anymore, it was like a run through a field of daisies, it was a beautiful film.

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