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Bloody-Disgusting has gotten word from Focus Features about an official release date for the sequel, August 21, 2015.

Scott Derrickson wrote the script for the sequel and had this to say about what to expect:

It’s a completely different approach. The script was so hard to write because Cargill and I were determined to do a sequel that we wanted to see. And what we weren’t going to do was, hey, another family, another box…same formula. Sinister 2 takes a different point of view, literally. When you see a sequel, you want to see an expanding mythology and an expanding point of view. It’s very hard to do, but because we love the genre and seen so many horror franchises – mostly inferior ones – we’re taking our best shot at making a worthy sequel.

A different view point and view on the mythology of Bughuul. I think it would be interesting to see more backstory, maybe stuff that you couldn't catch on video, but maybe actual photographs dating hundreds of years? Now that could be interesting. Heck even something more depraved for the sequel is needed and a plot twist that trumps the first movie.


Are you excited for Sinister 2?


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