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Josh Weinstock

Okay guys - we don't usually do this but...

An official MP shout-out is in order!

The San Diego Convention Center is home to the biggest event of the year for comic book fans. But San Diego Comic Con is more than just comics. It's movies, TV, video games, parties, stunts, and a bunch of other stuff we absolutely adore.

But how does it happen? How does one city host so many awesome events, and so many full-throttle fans (like us)?

None of it would be possible without arguably the finest and most organized convention center in these United States. That's right piloters...we've been to our share of conferences and convention centers, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better venue with better people.

In the wake of literally (in the for real way, not the internet way) our favorite event of the year, it's only right to spread the love to the lovely folks who make it possible.

Stay classy, San Diego.


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