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Sony made a big announcement about the reformation of their Spider-Man slate earlier today, however what may have flown under the radar is that the Uncharted movie has been given a firm release date. The film based on the Naughty Dog video game of the same name follows adventurer Nathan Drake as he treks across the globe in search of lost treasures. It truly is a post-modern take on an Indiana Jones-type of archaeological adventure, complete with a hero who is wise-cracking and rough around the edges. The film will take the June 10th, 2016 spot that was previously occupied by [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279). Here is what THR reports:

As for Uncharted, the latest draft of the screenplay is being written by David Guggenheim, and the film will be an Arad/Atlas Entertainment production, produced by Charles Roven, Arad and Alex Gartner. The video game series was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America.
"June 10 is a great date for Uncharted," Belgrad added. "It's just the right place for this exciting action-adventure film."

Clearly the June release date shows the confidence the studio has in the property. It also gives a huge indication that the scale of the film will be large as well. There have yet to be any casting announcements, however we would expect for those details to be forthcoming.

Uncharted will be in theaters June 10th, 2016. As we mentioned above, Uncharted owes it's existence to the Indiana Jones franchise.

Want to see Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, play Uncharted? Check it out!

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