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Reid Jones

Who ISN'T talking about Batman today? After all, it's Batman Day! It seems like even mother nature (or is that Poison Ivy?) and one of Batman's many nemesises... nemesese... nemesi.. ugh, one of Batman's many enemies Mr. Freeze have teamed up today to celebrate the hero, whether they like him or not.

The iceberg (seen below) was found and photographed by Mike Parsons, which he uploaded to Facebook and captioned "contemplating". The photo was taken off Little Bay Islands in Newfoundland, Canada.

Ever heard the fact that you only see 20% of the iceberg on the surface of the water, and 80% is submerged? Could this mean that there's a full body Batberg out there floating in Canada's waters? That thing could sell as the coolest ice sculpture ever.


Which other DC superhero would you like to see as an iceberg?



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