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Sony has announced their plans for their struggling franchise will continue to move forward, prior to the release of this summer's [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) Sony announced that they were expanding the Spider Man universe to include films based on some of Peter Parker's greatest foes like Venom and an Avengers style team up movie based on the [Sinister Six](movie:1274281). Their plan was to release one Spider Man movie on year apart starting in 2016 with the release of The Amazing Spider Man 3, fast forward a few months and after the Amazing Spider man 2 is panned by critics and fans.

Those plans have changed not only did The Amazing Spider Man 2 a disappoint many fans but the film has become the least successful Spider Man ever bringing in just off $ 200 million in the U.S and around $ 700 million world wide. So what is Sony's response? First up The Amazing Spider Man 3 will not be hitting theaters on June 10th, 2016 instead they have set there adaptation of the hit Playstation game Uncharted to take over that spot, that film will be directed by identity thief director Seth Gordon.

No word on who will star but the studio is looking to bringing Mark Wahlberg. As for [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279) it has been pushed to a unnamed date in 2018. But that doe not mean that we will have to wait for 4 years for a film set in the Spider Man universe. Whether or not we will see Spider Man in the movie Sony has set the Sinister Six movie for November 11th, 2016.


What do you think of Sony's plans for the Spider Man Universe? Do you think pushing the 3rd film and focusing on the Sinister Six is a good move?


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