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Karly Rayner

Taylor Lautner has taken a dramatic career turn and became a bizarre Ashram living hippie with some impressive beardage. But, don't panic lusty Lautner fans, His transformation is only temporary!

The Twilight hunk is taking a foray overseas to star in the British sitcom, Cuckoo and you better psyche yourself up for his grubby backpacker look.

Trust me, it's really Lautner pictured below;

But don't worry, there is compensation for the trauma of the beard.

Lautner also happens to drop his towel and give us an eyeful of his unholy abs. That is, after he dons some fetching orange robes and overenthusiastically clangs some finger cymbals...

Check out the bitter-sweet trailer for yourself below;


Would you watch Taylor Lautner in Cuckoo?

(Source: Instinct Magazine)


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