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Warning: Spoilers below!

Nelsan Ellis, who plays the fabulously sassy Lafayette on True Blood, has opened up about his latest romantic sex scene and his feelings about Luke Grimes leaving the show to avoid taking part in it.

In the seventh and final season of [True Blood](series:200767) , the fabulously flashy Lafayette has finally had a shot at love in the form of the hunky Vampire, James - who is now played by Nathan Parsons.

Although there has been copious flirting and the tell tale signs of romantic music whispering its way into scenes, the relationship only got physical in the July 20th episode with a steamy sex scene in a parked car.

Sex scenes might be commonplace in True Blood, but this is the most revealing depiction of a homosexual encounter to date and Ellis and Parsons were determined to show the loving and deep connection between Lafayette and James. Ellis explained that;

We just had to be really careful about how we went about it. We didn’t want it to be uncomfortable to watch or over the top. It has to be something that is seemingly organic and loving, instead of just having sex for the sake of having sex. I think that was the difficult line to walk. It comes out of nowhere and we have to do it tastefully, and we all have to be comfortable with what’s happening. But Howard (Deutch), the director, was great about it. Nelsan and I just went along for the ride, and I think it turned out really well

Ellis - who is straight in real-life - explained that although throwing himself into the scene was slightly odd at first, he soon relaxed and used his imagination and his faith in Parsons as an actor to get into the zone.

Kissing him was weird at first, but then I went, okay! I can close my eyes, and you can be the girlfriend. It's not really a big deal. It's easy breezy. I mean, he's a wonderful actor. I love watching him work. Love watching him work. Our first scene together, I just listened to him talk most of the time. And we have good chemistry, and it worked. It worked

Which, naturally raises questions about the reason that James was recast this season. It has been widely publicized that Luke Grimes fled Bon Temps because he didn't feel comfortable with exposing himself to the gay love scene in his storyline - and Nelsan Ellis is not happy about it.

The actor was visibly angered and upset by Grimes' decision to walk out on the show for such controversial reasons. He explained;

I just think that, you're an actor, you're an actor on a show that's 'True Blood,' we're all sitting there going, 'You quit your job because ... really?' I'm just... I'm over him. You quit your job because you don't want to play a gay part? As if it's ... You know what? I'm going to stop talking

But, why was he so angry? Ellis has some very deep and person reasons for his disappointment. He told interviewers that;

You have to be open. But more importantly, you make a statement when you do something like that. I did a documentary called 'Damn Wonderful' about gay suicide, and you make a statement, a big statement, when you go, 'I don't want to play this part because it's gay.' If you have a child, if you have a son, and he comes out as gay, what are you going to do? If you have a daughter who comes out gay ...? You just made a statement, and it has ripple effects

Surely, when you land a part on a show that has been rated the most gay friendly on TV in the past, you should really be prepared for some same sex nookie?

I guess not everyone can be as much of a man as Nelsan Elis.


What did you think of the sex scene between James and Lafayette?

(Source: AL via The Hollywood Reporter and Vulture)


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