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Did you think Snake Plissken was dead? Well, think again, because he's due to return in a new comic-book line for Boom! Studios.

The comic-book studio has developed a reputation of continuing and building on a number of well-known franchises, including Planet of the Apes, Farscape, RoboCop and more. Indeed, earlier this year they collaborated with John Carpenter and Goon creator Eric Powell to produce a comic-book sequel to Kurt Russell's Big Trouble in Little China. But now the gang is getting back together to work on a new series based on Escape from New York, another of Carpenter's and Russell's famed collaborations.

Powell has provided artwork for the rather impressive teaser image, but it's unclear if he'll also be working on the artwork for the comics. Unfortunately, we also do not know what story the comics will tell. It could potentially be another sequel set after Escape from LA, or a straight up adaptation of the original movie. The teaser image certainly suggests it's more likely to be at least set in the story of Escape from New York. Check it out below:

But Snake Plissken's return will not be limited to paper and ink. You're also likely to see him again in the recently announced [Escape From New York Reboot](movie:896038) trilogy, which will be brought to you by Lethal Weapon's Joel Silver. Unfortunately, it's unlikely Kurt Russell will return.

More information concerning the comic-book is expected to be released at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, so make sure to stay tuned for that.


Are you glad to see Snake Plissken return?

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