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[Hitman: Agent 47](movie:593267) is to be released in February 2015. The production is still going on, but they've kindly decided to wing us over an image to keep us interested.

Check it out below:

Agent 47 - Hitman
Agent 47 - Hitman

Personally, I think Rupert Friend looks great in the part, so long as he's not forcing that pensive forehead the whole movie.

This, as you probably know, is not the first crack at the Hitman franchise with the moderately unsuccessful Hitman back in 2007 with Tim Olyfantasic at the controls:

Agent 47 - Hitman
Agent 47 - Hitman

The $24m budget movie pulling back a respectable $100m at the box office obviously wasn't enough to garner a sequel.

I was in Berlin when they were shooting Agent 47. I managed to see Rupert Friend cross the street while stunt cars drove by. He was checking out a car that was covered with a tarp under a train line in the middle of the road. Later Zachary Quinto came by and did something similar. It was cool seeing them but what was impressive was the 30 or so stunt drivers when they heard 'cut' they all had to stop and reverse around a sweeping being in sequence and reset.

Are you looking forward to the new Hitman movie?


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