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When poor old Pete Martell made that haunting phone call after finding Laura Palmer's rigid body on the beach, exclaiming "She's dead, wrapped in plastic", I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to her Saran wrap.

Nevertheless, it looks as though Twin Peaks director David Lynch has taken that idea and ran with it, as he's now focusing his artistic efforts on fitness and workout gear...

Yep - now you can do your sun salutations in a pair of limited edition Lynch leggings, as the guy refuses to be known only as an indie auteur, and has turned fashion designer with range of activewear.

Thanks to his collaboration with Live The Process, a site which markets itself as "a guide to wellness and holistic health as seen through a modernist lens", you can now snap up all the sports bras, geometric-print leggings, T-shirts that read "Change Begins Within" and natty pairs of shorts which come in an exclusive "David Lynch Floral" pattern you can dream of, ranging from between $100 and $200.

Suffice to say, it's a bit out of the ordinary. Still, I wouldn't mind some of this get-up:

Lynch once said that absurdity is what he likes most in life and spreads his talents across music, movies, TV, or whatever he feels like doing on any given day. But I'm still struggling to get my head round his latest venture...


Are you looking for a more Lynchian wardrobe?


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