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Some of the most iconic movies of all time feature a duo — Batman and Robin, Thelma and Louise, E.T. and Elliot, etc.

Now, I love a good movie duo, but I believe the best movie companions of all time aren't humans or even Extra Terrestrials, they're ROBOTS. What makes for a more awesome companion than a high-tech fighting machine?!

But it's surprisingly tough to decide which robot sidekick I'd want paired with me when undertaking a mission of extreme peril, so I have analyzed several available robot choices. I've ranked them by:

Niceness - I don't want to be hanging out with a douche-bot.

Techness - If you're going to have a robot companion you KNOW you want one with amazing accessories.

Fightness - Because really, what else are you gonna make your robot companion do?

Teddy - A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Describe this rad bot to me: Robot bear

Why they're awesome: David and Teddy have an unbreakable bond spanning thousands of years, proving sometimes a kid just needs his (robotic) teddy bear.

Niceness: 5/5 - C'mon, he's a TEDDY BEAR robot!

Techness: 2/5 - He's a robot teddy, isn't that enough!?

Fightness: 1/5 - A lover, not a fighter!

In honor of the 15th anniversary of A.I., see what the cast are doing over here, and read all about the short story that inspired the film!

R2D2 - Star Wars Series

Describe this rad bot to me!: astromech droid

Why they're awesome: R2D2 is super smart — he's aided the Rebel Alliance multiple times throughout the Star Wars series, helping Luke attack the Death Star and accompanying him on his Jedi training.

Niceness: 4/5 - A loyal friend (but also a bit sassy)

Techness: 4/5 - He fixed the freakin' Millennium Falcon hyperdrive.

Fightness: 4/5 - Remember when he saved the team from Jabba?!

Number 5/Johnny Five - Short Circuit

Describe this rad bot to me!: Designed as a war bot — but he was too nice!

Why they're awesome: Number 5 was an escapee robot who made his way to the house of Stephanie Speck, who provided him with books and, ultimately, an understanding of life.

Niceness: 3/5 - Points deducted for "disassembling" the grasshopper

Techness: 3/5 - He's a war bot, but still looks kind of lo-tech

Fightness: 3/5 - Those tank-like wheels are made for battle!

T-800 Terminator - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Describe this rad bot to me!: A robo-killing machine with a conscience

Why they're awesome: The reprogrammed T-800 Terminator was the badass that helped a young John Connor and his mother, Sarah, escape the killer T-1000 Terminator.

Niceness: 3/5 - He sacrifices himself to prevent nuclear war, so pretty nice!

Techness: 5/5 - A robot from the future, he's sure to be fancy!

Fightness: 5/5 - He never gives up — and he'll always be back.

Iron Giant - The Iron Giant

Describe this rad bot to me!: A GIANT robot — from space!

Why they're awesome: When an Army tries to kill the Iron Giant with a missile that would also annihilate a whole town, the Iron Giant makes the ultimate sacrifice by colliding with the missile in mid-air before it can harm anyone else.

Niceness: 4/5 - He literally took a missile to the face to save a town!

Techness: 4/5 - He can reassemble and fix himself.

Fightness: 5/5 - He has a whole arsenal of hidden weapons at his disposal.

C-3PO - Star Wars Series

Describe this rad bot to me!: Protocol droid

Why they're awesome: In addition to helping Anakin Skywalker with his Podracer, C-3PO undertook some riskier missions such as helping to rescue Princess Leia and convincing the Ewoks his human companions should be freed.

Niceness: 3/5 - He's mostly nice, but also kind of a whiner.

Techness: 3/5 - He's a bit clunky and fragile but super smart!

Fightness: 2/5 - He did ask to be shut down due to sensory overload.

Baymax - Big Hero 6

Describe this rad bot to me!: Buddy turned warrior

Why they're awesome: Boy genius Hiro transforms Baymax into a crime fighting warrior, but Baymax is very caring and — with his stellar healing abilities — can treat nearly any ailment!

Niceness: 5/5 - Hiro's best and closest friend.

Techness: 4/5 - He can heal you AND has amazing super-powers.

Fightness: 4/5 - C'mon, he fights on a superhero team!

Weebo - Flubber

Describe this rad bot to me!: Assistant robot

Why they're awesome: Weebo is Professor Philip Brainard's loyal assistant, but she does have a spiteful side, releasing Flubber and allowing it to wreak havoc. She later redeems herself against a bunch of thugs.

Niceness: 3/5 - Loyal to the Professor, but also a bit spiteful.

Techness: 4/5 - She's a hovering super genius robot!

Fightness: 3/5 - She fights to the best of her abilities (it's hard with no arms!).

Bumblebee - Transformers

Describe this rad bot to me!: Fully sentient Autobot

Why they're awesome: Bumblebee helps Sam Witwicky as much as he can, from playing themed music to help him win over Mikaela Barnes, to protecting him from junkyard dogs and evil Decepticons.

Niceness: 4/5 - A true bro and the ultimate wing-man.

Techness: 5/5 - An awesome car that transforms into an awesome robot.

Fightness: 5/5 - Hard to deny he's the ultimate fighter!


Describe this rad bot to me!: Waste Allocation Load Lifter (that's "trash-bot" to you and me).

Why they're awesome: WALL-E is a lonely but kind robot, stuck on Earth after the humans evacuate. He tries to save our planet AND falls in love with the kindly EVE.

Niceness: 5/5 - Saves the planet, falls in love — no biggie.

Techness: 3/5 - He's got the personality but he's essential still a trash-bot.

Fightness: 2/5 - He protects his plant with all his might!

By my calculations that makes Bumblebee the ultimate robot companion! Do you agree? Vote in the poll below.


Who's your favorite friendly robot buddy?


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