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When I wrote about the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I was overwhelmed by the response from you guys! It seems that I'm not the only one who LIVED for the Power Rangers when I was a kid...

This got me thinking about where the 2nd Generation of Power Rangers are now. I ain't no Season 1 snob, I've got love for ALL the Power Rangers - though that's a debate for another time....

Remember, it's a long time since 1995! Check out where the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are now...

2nd Red Ranger - Steve Cardenas

Played: Rocky DeSantos, the 2nd Red Ranger, Blue Zeo Ranger

Why He Was Awesome: Rocky was the fun-lovin' joker of the rangers - c'mon, it was impossible not to like the guy!

Age Then: 20

Age Now: 40

What's He's Been Doing: Steve quit acting to open a martial arts studio. He specializes in Brazilian Jujitsu - good to know he's still kickin' ass!


Johnny Yong Bosch - 2nd Black Ranger

Played: Adam Park, the 2nd Black Ranger, Green Zeo Ranger

Why He Was Awesome: Adam Park was one heck of a solid dude - especially when he got his Ninja Frog powers...

Age Then: 18

Age Now: 38

What's He's Been Doing: Johnny has done a ton of anime voicework, including fan faves Bleach and Final Fantasy. He's trained in over 8 martial arts - AND Japanese swordsmanship!


Karan Ashley - 2nd Yellow Ranger

Played: Aisha Campbell, the 2nd Yellow Ranger

Why She Was Awesome: Uh, remember when she, Adam and Rocky rescued that baby?!

Age Then: 19

Age Now: 38

What's She's Been Doing: Karan became a radio show host after some more TV work, and you can still catch her rockin' out at Power Rangers conventions!


Catherine Sutherland - 2nd Pink Ranger

Played: Katherine 'Kat' Hillard, the 2nd Pink Ranger, Pink Zeo Ranger

Why She Was Awesome: she was a badass diver, turned evil cat-spy by Rita Repulsa, turned boss 2nd Pink Ranger!

Age Then: 21

Age Now: 40

What's She's Been Doing: Catherine did more TV - including a Rice Krispies commercial! - before she quit acting to become a Personal Trainer.


Nakia Burrise - Yellow Zeo Ranger

Played: Tanya Sloan, Yellow Zeo Ranger

Why She Was Awesome: She was great at baseball and celebrated Kwanzaa. What's not to like?

Age Then: 22

Age Now: 39

What's She's Been Doing: multi-talented Nakia has recorded a pop album, starred in musicals and films, and also started her own non-profit co. to give more opportunities to inner city children (so she's still a hero)!


It's time to relive the Power Rangers glory - remember the opening credits from Power Rangers Zeo?



Did You Love The Later Power Rangers?


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