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Disney movies might be riddled with a tragic tapestry of dead mothers and colossal betrayals, but they could have been so much darker.

Sure, we were all traumatized as kids by Simba begging Mufasa's lifeless corpse to get up, but we might all be in psychiatric care if Disney were more faithful to their source material.

So, get ready to have your childhood favorites destroyed as we explore the ghastly going ons that were left on the cutting room floor.

Snow White

As far as Disney films go, Snow White is pretty brutal, but believe it or not, sending a huntsman into the forest to hack a young girls heart out has nothing on the gruesome original...

The evil stepmother in the Brothers Grimm version would have got down on her warty little knees and begged to be struck off a ravine by lightning to avoid her torturous fate.

When the prince marries Snow White, the evil stepmother is invited to the wedding, but there is no free cava and fruit cake for her. Instead she is forced to don a pair of red hot iron shoes and dance until she drops down dead.

Oh, and the prince who was marrying 7-year-old Snow White was a obviously an enormous pedophile, but we will leave that one for another time...


Aladdin is based on a collection of Arabic tales entitled 'Stories from the Thousand and One Nights.' Although most of the source material is as tame as the Disney movie, one crucial thing about the Cave of Wonders was thoughtfully left out.

As if the vicious booby traps and the threat of being buried alive forever wasn't bad enough, the original cave was also decorated with the dismembered corpse of Aladdin's father, Cassim, to warn off intruders. Lovely.

The Fox and the Hound

Sorry guys, but the saddest Disney film is about to get full on soul destroying.

As if tearing a beautiful friendship apart wasn't bad enough, in the original 1967 Fox and the Hound novel our two unlikely pals both die horribly.

Copper dies of exhaustion during a hunt and Todd is shot by his abusive, alcoholic owner.

I think the author might have been suffering from depression... And an irrational hatred of Canids.

I'm sorry about your weekend, guys.


Pocahontas was a real person, but her life was short, tragic and devoid of all romance.

It is widely documented that Pocahontas really did save John Smith from execution, but she was a mere child and he was a middle aged man.

In repayment for saving Smith, Pocahontas was kidnapped and held hostage for a year, cajoled into converting to Christianity, and given the name Rebecca. She was eventually married off to a man named John Rolfe who was decades older then her.

Rolfe didn't marry for love, oh no, instead he decided he was duty bound to marry this heathen to save her soul for the Lord. The romance of it all!

Pocahontas eventually moved to Britain with her husband where she was displayed as a curiosity and died at the age of 22.

It's not known if she ever painted with all the colors of the wind.

Sleeping Beauty

Ah Sleeping Beauty, a tale of magic, romance and coma rape. Yep, you heard me right.

In Giambattista Basile’s 1634 work, Aurora is put into endless slumber by a small piece of thread that gets lodged under her fingernail and she isn't woken by a kiss...

Instead the honorable 'Prince Charming' decides Sleeping Beauty is so irresistible that he rapes her in her comatose state.

Aurora then eventually gives birth to twins in her slumber and awakens when one of the infants sucks the thread from under Sleeping Beauty's finger nail.

Oh, and as a bonus feature you will never be able to listen to these lyrics from the romantic Disney anthem 'Once Upon a Dream' again without being sick in your mouth.

But if I know you, I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once
The way you did once upon a dream

I shuddered.


Which dark Disney secret ruined your favorite movies the most?

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