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Ubisoft may feature heavily in

When the gameplay trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division dropped at this year's E3, it wasn't the first time that audiences have got very excited over an upcoming Ubisoft game. This time, though, there was a small amount of skepticism amongst all the excitement. Haven't we been here before?

Tom Clancy's The Division: The Plot

The Division sees gamers enter a society broken apart. New York City, where the game is set, has fallen victim to a deadly virus. Looting is rampant, and the police force has been overwhelmed by vigilante groups, each looking out only for themselves.

The Division, based on a real world organization brought into effect in 2007 by George W. Bush, are the last hope for civilization. An organization set up to salvage what is salvageable in this post-apocalyptic situation, they aim to restore society. But it won't be easy. Dropped into this world with only 3 days worth of food and water, you must immediately begin your struggle for survival.

  Explore a ruined New York in The Division
Explore a ruined New York in The Division

Ubisoft's Revolutionary Gameplay

Already, it sounds like a good game. But what makes it really stand out is it's gameplay. Tom Clancy's The Division is an Open World game, which means that rather than heading somewhere to be given a quest you can freely explore the ruined and wasted environment of New York, taking up missions as and when you please.

And it doesn't stop there. Players will be encouraged to form groups, to hunt for supplies and battle enemies together - sometimes even taking on rival human-controlled groups exploring the same environment.

Check out the gameplay video that was dropped at E3 here - at one point you can even see a player join in who is playing on a tablet, suggesting this may be one of the first games to successfully pull off tablet integration!

This Looks Great, What's The Problem? (Watch Dogs)

A good storyline, a fantastic looking world, what could possibly go wrong?

The problem for Ubisoft comes with the fact that some fans feel they've been here before. Exactly here, at E3, in 2012.

It was at the 2012 E3 that Ubisoft dropped their first Watch Dogs trailer, another title that seem to promise a fully interactive Open World game with its own new and revolutionary way of interacting with a virtual environment. And what happened with that?

[Watch Dogs](movie:1000357) is undoubtedly a good game, but it is maybe not the giant leap forward that some were expecting. The interface became intrusive and formulaic, the graphics seemed to have diminished since its first reveal, the driving was twitchy and, ultimately, it felt like a disappointment. Even more worryingly, both games were delayed. Watch Dogs was pushed back to this year, while we most likely won't see Tom Clancy's The Division until the second half of 2015.

  Watch Dogs and The Division, too similar?
Watch Dogs and The Division, too similar?

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An Xbox One Coup, or Another Watch Dogs?

The Division is a long way off yet, and it still could come good. It comes out first exclusively on Xbox One, and is one of the first games exclusively embracing the possibilities of next-gen. Pulling off a AAA, Open World, MMO shooter that will please everyone is no easy task. The trailer Ubisoft revealed at E3 was extremely impressive, and to make a comparison with Watch Dogs may ultimately be to do both games a disservice.

However, until the game is finally released, doubts will remain.

But what do you think about Tom Clancy's The Division? Will it fulfill the promise of the trailer? What elements of this game are you looking forward to most? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Will Tom Clancy's The Division live up to the hype?


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