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Dr Liebenstein

Vampire/horror movie, Dr Liebenstein will be screening at the 10th annual Fright Night Film Fest (Kentucky International Convention Center) on Saturday, August 2nd in viewing room C219 at 4:15pm! Fright Night features a large slate of independent horror features and shorts from around the world on August 1st & 2nd and caps off the celebration with an awards ceremony on Saturday evening. At the bottom of this article, make sure to check out our movie trailer!

Movie brief summary:

When a menacing vampire is summoned from the darkness and begins terrorizing couples in Chicago, a doctor with a haunted past is determined to confront and destroy him.

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If you're looking for the biggest horror festival of the summer, Fright Night is it! With admission to the festival, you'll also gain access to the horror expo and comic con Fandom Fest! Some of the guests this year include Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Tru Calling, Dollhouse, Wrong Turn), Karl Urban (Star Trek, Judge Dredd, Almost Human, LOTR), Anthony Mackie (Captain America 2, Real Steal, The Hurt Locker), Ray Park (Star Wars, GIJoe, X-Men), Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland, Serenity, V), Sean Maher (Firefly, Sirenity, Arrow), Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl, Life Unexpected), Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who, The Hobbit), Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead), Julie Benz (Defiance, Dexter, Buffy, Angel), Grant Bowler (Defiance, True Blood), Tony Curran (Defiance, Blade 2, Underworld: Evolution), George Wendt (Cheers, House, Tales From the Crypt, Masters of Horror), Sam Huntington (Being Human, Superman Returns, Fanboys), Sam Witwer (Being Human, Smallville, The Walking Dead), Meaghan Rath (Being Human, You Are So Undead, The Assistants), Brett Spiner (Star Trek), Marina Sirtis (Star Trek), Levar Burton (Star Trek, Roots), Gates McFadden (Star Trek), Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek), Michael Dorn (Star Trek), Denise Crosby (Star Trek, The Walking Dead), Bruce Boxleitner (Tron, Babylon 5, Scarecrow), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda), Brian O'Halloran (Clerks, Mallrats), Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, Power Rangers), Nick Palma (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Vernon Welles (Mad Max 2, Commando), Neil Caplan (Transformers), Meyrick Murphy (The Walking Dead), Steve Blum (Transformers), Mark Ryan (Transformers), James Horan (Transformers), William Katt (Greatest American Hero, House, Carrie), Cas Anvar (Halo, Call of Duty). Tickets to this event can be purchased at the door or through Fandom Fest's website.


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