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This is an update off of the previous Digimon article I wrote. With Digimon Master burring itself into an endless grave I feel it optimal to mention the both the Decode and Digimon World 6 petitions. The problem with every Digimon game released so far is that none of them captured the essence of the first two seasons of Digimon. There was tension, drama, emotion just to name a few. Personally I think Digimon's main theme was lost in all the games. For me Digimon was about these living breathing creatures that had their own personalities and feelings. That felt pain and loss. They knew what love was and happiness was as well. Digimon masters continues this trend of instead of giving us characters new characters they give us new models with slightly different fighting styles. They worth quickly fades and carrying for anything in this game becomes the new style. In the last peace I wrote about flaws some in which I tried to show the games support system. I could tell they just ignore these suggestions. In the first one I did got a very generic response and the second was never even mentioned. I see players leaving or sitting around doing nothing. It's sad because I think this game could be save be it would take a lot of work. On top of that I am still trying my hardest to get these groups to notice that I'm trying to help them. Here is a link to my petition for Digimon world 6:

I still believe I can help create the best Digimon game yet (This includes side games). I want Digimon to thrive and for people to feel like this is a game worth playing. I want to create a world game that invokes the same or deeper emotion of the original series. I have ideas about how to create a unique and challenging game with interesting style of combat that can also relay to great and intense player versus player action. I want each character to feel special and for players to really either care for or love to hate these characters. I want to show I can help create powerful stories and help create a beautiful world as well. I think with this game it can even create the opportunity for Digimon masters to include split events between both games. If you are a fan of Digimon please consider signing the petition, I know that not all petitions work or that many people won't believe that I could live up to all those exceptions but I do have belief in myself that not only I can create the best Digimon game but also maybe even the possibility of creating something worthy of game of the year. I know that is a big promise so please ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them on why (of course there wouldn't be spoilers for any specific ideas.) But I can touch on a lot.


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