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A lot of people are asking that question. Let me take a stab at this and say probably not. Look I’ve been reading comic books for a long time and I’ve seen every comic book movie made and I just can’t see it.

The movies are great. We live in a great time to be a comic book fan. We finally get to see the heroes we grew up reading come to life on the big screen. This has caused nerd culture to explode in so many ways. Some good, some bad, but for the most part comic book culture is everywhere now. And as a diehard comic book fan I’d love to see every moment from the books come to life on the big screen, but I know that won’t happen.

Let’s start with the smallest change, Tony Stark moving to California and changing to a silver suit. Besides the obvious that Avengers 2 may be the last time we see Robert Downey Jr. suit up the more pressing issue is that this was already done in the movies. In the Iron Man movies Tony Stark lives in Malibu and in the first movie while working on the suit it was sliver, and in Iron Man 2 War Machine was in a silver suit. So no I do not see this being reflected in the movies, because there is no need for it.

Second Sam Wilson, The Falcon, is taking over for Steve Rodgers as Captain America. This one seems the most likely. We all know that Chris Evans doesn’t want to play Cap forever and eventually will step away from the films. If Marvel wants to keep going they will want to replace Cap. Almost feels like this is a setup from Marvel for this very reason. Well, no it’s not. Firstly they have replaced Steve Rodgers in the comics multiple times. John Walker, William Nasland, Isaiah Bradley, Bucky Barnes and a whole host of others. In truth there have been 11 people to wear the stars and stripes aside from Steve Rogers. So in truth Sam is just the latest person to take on the mantle. And we still need to see him be his own hero, The Falcon, in the movies first. I also feel that given the universe they have set up in the films, Bucky if a far more logical successor to Steve at this point.

And Finally, Thor is becoming a woman. Knowing the littlest about this change so far I have to still say, no way will this happen in the movies. The first issue being that they have a well-established story going on in the Thor franchise now that we will need to see that through before we have this change. I am also pretty sure Thor will not have many solo films past a third. Given the talk of a solo Loki film and knowing we have Thor in Avengers 2 I see the Thor franchise slowing down. Perhaps spinning off into Loki and Sif films. I feel they would do a Beta Ray Bill movie before a female Thor. If not we still need to see Thor as a frog in the films first ;)

And finally we need to state the most obvious. These changes in the comics are marketing tricks. They are being done for the sole purpose of selling books, and in the long run the changes will not last. These characters have been around for so long they are now properties. And the truth of the matter is the properties always return to their original state. Don’t believe me? Have you heard Peter Parker is back?

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