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Under The Dome is about to get a lot more brutal. What's going down?

Big Jim is on the warpath, Barbie is on the move and what’s underneath Chester’s Mill might turn out to be as deadly as the dome that’s over top of it.

A five-minute clip of Episode 7, which airs August 11th, was shown during the panel and it hinted at the possibility that the dome may prove not to be the unbreakable prison is was originally intended.

“One of our characters might get out of the dome this season, literally,” said Baer. “We just finished shooting last week and we know the ending but we won’t tell you.”

Executive Producer Noel Baer and star Mike Vogel were joined on the panel by cast members Dean Norris, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford and Eddie Cahill.

“We talk to Steven [King] all the time and he reads every script and loves it when we kill a character.”

Stephen King is a regular visitor on the set, and penned the screenplay for the first episode of Season 2. [Under the Dome](series:767984) is set up for another 7 Episodes to round out Season 2, but Noel Baer doesn't want to stop there:

“We’ve set it up so we can keep going because we have a lot of stories to tell,” said Baer of the series being planned for at least three to five seasons. Calling the series “a parable for our times,”

Are YOU a fan of [Under the Dome](series:767984)?

What do YOU think of Season 2 so far?

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