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Mark Robirds Jr.

First a black and white picture of him, then shots of his cape and cowl which are now confirmed as black, now we have a profile picture of Ben Affleck as Batman. Honestly, every time something is released about Affleck, I think he is the best LOOKING Batman we've ever had. He may or may not perform well, who knows but just visually he is the Batman we have been waiting for. The fabric of the suit looks very cool, it reminds me of the Arkham games version of the cowl, I love that it gives him a permanent angered look to seem more threatening, and Affleck has the chin of Batman, I mean look at that. It looks like a stereotype superhero chin. I still have hopes that one of the rumored multiple suits is blue but this still looks great.

What are your thoughts on this? Is Ben Affleck the best looking Batman? Do you think he still sucks for Batman? Tell me in the comments below!


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