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First off this poster is just amazing! The artist really captures the message of Batman vs Superman! I know the title in the poster is incorrect but I don't care! This poster is something serious!

Now to the REAL reason why you are on my article:

Ben Affleck, a grizzled battle weary Batman
Ben Affleck, a grizzled battle weary Batman

Seems like DC is trying to catch up to Marvel with their photo releases ahead of Comic-Con 2014. This new photo was just released today on Batman-News and shows a profile shot of Ben Affleck in his "suffocating" but awesome new Batman suit.

Released earlier where photos from Comic Con showing just the cape and cowl with an Affleck absent -

- but this new photo gives the viewer a cold chill. I like the way he looks in it to be honest.

Director Zack Snyder has said that they wanted to portray a more seasoned Batman in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and with the grizzled look of Affleck he seems to be pulling that look off very well. This version of Batman looks to be more wise and in a sense more angry with what the world has become. Well that's what I get anyway. Affleck has come a LONG way since his previous superhero days, And I must say, if anyone has the look of Bruce Wayne AND the Batman, it is he. Just look at that chin! What do you think?

You can expect to have more releases soon. Comic Con is in high gear and the big studios are going to make sure that their properties get as much shine as the next.

Stay tuned!


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