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The Rock recently sparked a bit of controversy when he said his upcoming movie character Hercules could definitely take on Superman, as well as the fact that he practically announced that he heavily teased his mystery DC character the other day in an interview. It seems like he's not done yet either! Plenty of people can post pictures to twitter, but when you're in the middle of playing a major superhero with none other than DC, this has to be a sign:

Unfortunately, the picture includes both Shazam and his corresponding supervillain Black Adam. Despite Dwayne Johnson seemingly having a higher resemblance to Black Adam, you can't call him a superhero, which is who Johnson has been saying all along. Still, if he's speaking from the perspective of his character, "Someone's gonna get it" could be said from the perspective of either of the two.

DC will likely be announcing their superhero movie line-up at Comic-Con this week according to multiple sources. Make sure to follow @Moviepilotnews and @Reidjones5 for all the Comic-Con news as it hits!

Below are two polls: make sure to read them carefully. One asks you what you think will happen, and one asks you what you wish would happen. Choose wisely!

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