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The Tweet (on Twitter)

So some confirmation is finally here about who Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be playing in the DC Cinematic Universe! .... kind of.

It's really 50/50 here. He looks exactly like Black Adam, and he can obviously pull off a menacing character. And some, not so much...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Tooth Fairy
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Tooth Fairy

All he needs to pull off the perfect Black Adam is pointy elf ears and an outlandish, evil accent. Needless to say, Dwayne Johnson would make an incredible Black Adam, easily landing him high up on the list of best comic book portrayals. But he could do that with Shazam as well. Neither of them have ever been seen on the big screen, so it's hard to think about which one would be the coolest to see (especially with The Rock playing one of them). Shazam has had multiple TV shows, two 40's and 70's live action, and an old cartoon with Super Friends animation. He's also appeared in "Batman: The Brave and The Bold", "Justice League Unlimited" (the bad one), and in two animated movies, the full-length "Justice League: War" and the DC Showcase "Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam". In my opinion, he is one of the coolest superheroes ever created. And in fact, he is one of the first, once outselling Superman! On the other hand, Black Adam has the same powers as Shazam! but is quite more experienced than him and, well, isn't 10 years old! But who will give Johnson the biggest pay-off? Black Adam, or Shazam! ?

Black Adam:

Black Adam, DC, The New 52
Black Adam, DC, The New 52

Who doesn't love a great villain on the big screen? I know I do! One of the biggest reasons a hero is awesome is their villains! Testing their limits, like The Joker. And (no shit, we saw that coming) betrayal, like Loki. But seeing Black Adam, a evil God-like being with great power and no remorse, that's something we have to see, Rock or not. There's no doubt Dwayne Johnson would make an amazing Black Adam, but two things remain in the way of that.

1.) What is the actual payoff of that?

And 2.) If he plays Black Adam, who in the world would be Shazam! ?


One ~ Playing a great villain has always been highly recognized, but do you think the kids want to see their hero Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson play a bad guy. Sure he can be intimidating, badass, and illegal sometimes- but he always plays the good guy! That won't ruin his reputation at all, but don't you want to see him play a badass, underaged, magical, awesome superhero instead of a badass, century-old, magical, super villain. Kind of, yes.

Two ~ The top contender to play Shazam!, other than Dwayne Johnson, is Brandon Molale. He loves the character, he has been wanting and asking to play Shazam! Since around 2007, and he looks, sounds, and can act the part! He's been in a couple older Adam Sandler movies, y'know, the good ones. So you know he has a sense of humor that is vital for Shazam! to have, being a little boy and all. And while The Rock looks spot on to Black Adam, Molale looks spot on to Shazam!!

Brandon Molale / Shazam! side-by-side comparison
Brandon Molale / Shazam! side-by-side comparison


Shazam!, DC, The New 52
Shazam!, DC, The New 52

I truly believe Shazam! is one of, if not THE most underrated superheroes of all time! With awesome characters like The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Hawkman, etc., good ol' "Captain Marvel" got buried under all the others. But not for long if The Rock plays him. And there's lots of pay-off for Dwayne to play Shazam!! He can act the part and look the part. Nothing stands in the way of The Rock playing Shazam!, except for one thing...

3.) If he plays Shazam!, who in the world would be Black Adam?!?


Three ~ The Rock would make a great Shazam! and a great Black Adam, but if he does play Shazam!, there's not really anyone else to play Black Adam. That's a dilemma that will only be solved when we know which of the two he's playing, because in the photo he tweeted, both of them are in it.

Oh yeah, and here's another thing:


They're the same age! Dilemma? Nah..


He looks like Black Adam, he could play a great Black Adam, and in one of his tweets he said one-out-of-two of his favorite super "heroes" was Black Adam.


He's gonna play Shazam!. No doubt about it.


So, would you like to see Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson play Shazam! in the DC Cinematic Universe?

Shazam! is estimated for 2016.

Thanks for reading! -Sam


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