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SDCC has released some amazing news about Teen Wolf. Season five will be twenty episodes!

The 20-episode fifth season be split in two parts the way the supernatural high-school series aired in Season 3, which also was super-sized (24 episodes). -Deadline

I for one am thrilled about this. Season four has been dramatic as expected, however I'm still waiting for our beloved Allison Argent's funeral, even if it is in a flash back. This pain demands to be felt.

Mid-season trailer

SDCC Teen Wolf News:

• Dylan Spraysberry series regular for season 5

• Jeff Davis says Malia/Stiles will have rocky road

• Tyler Hoechlin: Derek will have to find out who he is after losing werewolf powers

• Holland says Lydia "finally has some romantic freedom"

• Jeff: Lydia is struggling to master her powers, but we will learn more about the Martin family past in the next few episodes!

• Davis: "you have not seen the last of Danny"

• @DylanOBrien just told a girl "she was so cute" and she is now on the floor CRYING. Omg.

--Dylan gave the crying girl his name tag, signed it,& hugged her

• Holland didn't know Lydia would develop into a banshee in the beginning.

• Jeff did not base any of the characters off of real people. "Stiles and Scott are the friendship I wish I had in high school.

• Sprayberry likes the wolf makeup cause he likes running around set scaring people and stuff.

• Posey: "all I ever want to do is inspire people."

• Holland loved that Lydia is smart and not afraid to know the answer right next to the boy in class.

• Shelley says there are a lot of "damsels in distress on television." Is happy that Malia is the "big spoon"


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