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Mondo is known for their awesome Marvel prints, and each year at SDCC, they release a set of limited edition pieces for fans to snap up.

This year, Mondo is focusing on Guardians of the Galaxy, and each character gets their own poster and some comments from the artist. I only have three to show you right now (and I cannot wait to see Gamora's print!) but they look amazing. As always, Mondo and Marvel just work perfectly together!

Rocket Raccoon (VARIANT)
Artist: Kevin Tong

“It’s funny that Rocket Raccoon became a character that people cared about because Kevin, for a really long time, he’s been a big raccoon fan. It’s funny to say. If you go back and look in posters, he’ll always Easter egg in a raccoon here or there. For him to be able to do a sci-fi raccoon shooting a gun was very exciting. He was like, ‘If you guys ever get ["Guardians of the Galaxy,"] I’ll take it.’ That was a no brainer.”

I'll be honest, this is my least favorite of the three, but that is only because the other two are so incredible! The style suits the character down to the ground, and I love the difference between the very clean lines of the gun and the softer edges of his fur. This is definitely the one that packs the most action-style punch.

Tree Hugger
Artist: Mike Mitchell

That was kind of a joke, and it stuck. This is one of my favorite ones and definitely something that’s going to get framed on our side. I like the individual posters, but them as a pair and as a team, they really play off of each other. It’s like a bizarro Calvin and Hobbes.

This one has been popping up all over twitter, and I bet that it will be one of the first to sell out! You can see why, it is the epitome of adorable. I challenge anyone not to smile when looking at Rocket stacking up his guns for something to stand on so he can hug his friend, and the style is perfect for the content. All together now...AWWWWWW.

Artist: Randy Ortiz

It’s an action movie. It’s a comic book movie. It’s a sci-fi movie. But you have one of the main characters reflecting about nature and the fragility of life. I think that was a very cool look, instead of another action-y, jumping, lots of explosions type of poster.

Hands down, this is my favorite of the three prints. I love the detail, the clean lines and the subtle colors. I also love the inspiration behind it; looking at the elements of the film that are more emotional and spiritual, rather than pure action.

Clearly, I would be hanging Groot on my wall if I could - which is your favorite? Comment and let me know!

Source: MTV News


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