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When the first Hot Tub Time Machine film came out several years ago, critics (well, some of them) and audiences took to it immediately. This was obviously a surprise considering it was an R-rated comedy about traveling back in time via getting drunk in a hot tub.

But in the end, it was just an entertaining, funny film that had somewhat of a heart to it, if you can believe it. Though I wasn't overly impressed with the movie overall, it wrapped up nicely enough with a funny ending that didn't really ask for a sequel.

Or did it? The new trailer for [Hot Tub Time Machine 2](movie:819327) (which is a Red Band trailer, by the way, so it's definitely NSFW), dropped at Comic-Con, shows us that Director Steve Pink isn't done quite yet.

He is, however, done with John Cusack, apparently. And he's brought in some new faces to join the rest of the cast, which include Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation) and Gillian Jacobs ("Community").

Check out the Red Band trailer below:

The film stars Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Chevy Chase (another "Community" actor? DRAMA).

Several highlights for me are that the movie is actually moving forward in time, which is honestly one of my chief concerns about another romp with these guys. Where else could they even go? The film is clearly taking a page from the Back to the Future sequel (not Terminator, Craig).

While I can't say I'm technically "looking forward" to this movie, I have to admit that the trailer has its moments, particularly in the patriotism department. I have a feeling it will at least meet the same amount of success of its predecessor.


Will you see 'Hot Tube Time Machine 2?'


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