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SHAZAM! Welcome to my predictions post.

The Announcement

With the promotion of Warner Brothers TV, there has been the absence of any significant movie announcements regarding Batman v Superman, Justice League, Wonder Woman and what not. Until Saturday, July 26, 2014, when history is made in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. At least I predict.

SDCC 2014 Photo of Dwayne Johnson
SDCC 2014 Photo of Dwayne Johnson

So just like last year's Batman v Superman announcement, the Shazam announcement will probably be at the end of the Warner Brothers movie announcements.

In my head, the perfect announcement would be a teen/boy running up to the center of the stage, yelling "Shazam!". The room would go dark and when the lights return, Dwayne Johnson is standing in the center, with a Shazam Under Armor t-shirt on. Then the logo would be projected behind him.

So that's my SDCC announcement prediction, now onto the movie details.



Shazam in Justice League War
Shazam in Justice League War

I don't think an explanation mark is necessary, plus I don't think it should be a long title either. Plus auto-correct and spell check won't try to correct us when we type the title in a sentence. In two years friends would go "hey, do you want to see Shazam?".

Release Date

July 15, 2016

In reference to Nikki Finke's list, I went ahead and picked this release date because it allows Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to run from early May through early July. It would be around 52 Fridays after the original Dawn of Justice release date they planned.

Or July 22, 2016

Development of the Film

They're probably in pre-production right now. If they agreed to do Shazam in March of 2014, then they most likely have a few drafts of the script written.

To conclude, I believe that Dwayne Johnson will be playing Shazam, and while others wish for Black Adam, there's always the evil version of Shazam when he touches Pandora's Box. Anyway, have a fun weekend everyone!

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