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Michael Bangham

You can rest assured that one day Robert Downey Jr. will no longer play the role of Iron Man/Tony Stark. With that said, who could replace him? Lately, it seems that Hollywood tends to reboot and/or choose new actors to keep various trends fresh and interesting when it comes to certain movies. Well, for starters, Robert Downey Jr has continuously graced us with his charisma, demeanour, and comic book and cartoon likeness of Tony Stark. Honestly, he’s in a league of his own!

Continuing with that in mind, I began to research amongst friends, family and colleagues in order to find a replacement who could work in Downey's stead. Eventually, we all came to an agreement about one actor in particular. That actor is Anthony Lemke.

Following careful consideration about other male leads, at the end of the day Lemke was the last man standing. Due to Lemke’s films and television shows – for example White House Down, Lost Girl, etc – he displayed a likeness that reminded us of our marveled billionaire-playboy-philanthropist. Like (Robert Downey Jr, Mr. Lemke also demonstrates charisma, and comic book and cartoon likeness as well. Also, his acting talent as a whole is a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, it kept us in an undivided attention zone each and every time he performed. As with RDJ, truly, we believe Mr. Lemke could do a job for Marvel in [Iron Man 4](movie:886190).

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