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Due to the overwhelming response to the Top 5 WWE Superstar Movie Cameos I decided to up the timeline on my second WWE centric article. In this one we will look at the Top 5 movies featuring a WWE Superstar in a Major Role. Now for this one we have to set a few ground rules. First we will not be including 2000’s Ready to Rumble for multiple reasons all of which could encompass their own article. Second, we won’t be including any films featuring a WWE Superstar as the primary star. If you have seen some of these movies you would understand why. Finally, we will disqualify all Movies featuring the inspiration for this series of articles; the Rock and Dave Batista. We have to exclude Dwayne because he would dominate this list and it is a top 5 not a top 20. Dave is excluded because I have to be fair. Without further delay here is the top 5 movies with a WWE Superstar in a supporting role.

5. Triple H in Blade: Trinity

The COO with Ryan Reynolds & Parker Posey
The COO with Ryan Reynolds & Parker Posey

We’ll start the list with the WWE’s COO. The 12 time champion Triple H or as he is credited on the IMDb, Paul Levesque appeared as one of Dominic Purcell’s henchmen in the 2004 movie. His character had a rather amusing exchange with Ryan Reynolds' character which I will not repeat here. Triple H has gone on to star in a couple of direct to DVD movies for WWE films (yes, they have a film division), but aside from that and a couple TV cameos he has stuck to what he does best; running the WWE’s developmental territory NXT. You can pretty much catch Triple H every Monday on Raw.

4. Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live

Ok, I broke my own rule here, but really would this list be complete without this John Carpenter classic? The film stars Piper as a drifter named Nada. He discovers that the ruling class is aliens, and that they are manipulating people to spend money, breed, and accept things the way they are through subliminal messages in the media. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The movie is a total classic and is one of the more well received films starring a wrestler. I had to include it on the list because maybe it would inspire some readers to look up this 1988 satire.

3. Jesse “The Body” Ventura in Predator

Jesse Ventura and his little friend
Jesse Ventura and his little friend

Who would have thought in 1987 that Predator would have produce two state Governors? We all know about Arnold eventually becoming Governor of California, but remember when Minnesota elected The Body as Governor. Ventura played a member of Arnold’s team of commandos in the movie. He, like the rest of the team, falls victim to the title creature. Everyone except Arnold, of course. Ventura had the memorable line from the movie “I ain’t got time to bleed".

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, & The Great Khali in The Longest Yard

Goldberg, Nash, Austin, & not Khali
Goldberg, Nash, Austin, & not Khali

Adam Sandler movies have been pretty forgettable lately. They all include Sandler bumming around while being married to a beautiful woman. All of his friends acting stupid and random cameos from sports figures like Dan Patrick to Shaquille O’Neal. This movie is really no exception. Adam Sandler plays a professional quarterback…I’ll give you time to stop laughing…who is sent to jail because of a major traffic incident. He then has to put together a football team made of inmates to play a team of guards. This is not even and original Sandler material. It's actually a remake of a 1974 Burt Reynolds movie. Austin and Nash play guards and Goldberg and Khali play inmates. They all do rather fine jobs in the movie with Nash having some very humorous moments in the climactic game.

1. Andre The Giant in The Princess Bride


Was there a doubt that this would be number one on the list? He was the subject of the most popular comment on my last post. Here is why he wasn't on that last list: This is perhaps one of the most loved movies of all time. I dare you to find someone who grew up in the 80s who cannot quote a line from this movie or has seen it more than at least twice. Andre’ played Fezzik Inigo Montoya’s (cue line) sidekick and giant. Andre began filming this movie shortly after Wrestlemania III where he was famously slammed by Hulk Hogan in the Pontiac Silvedome in front of 93,000 people. Andre’s time on set with Billy Crystal served as inspiration for the 1998 film My Giant. Andre was unable to appear in My Giant due to his untimely and unfortunate passing in 1993.

There it is! Please, I know I have many that I may have forgotten, and even during the writing I have thought of a hundred more! So please feel free comment. Thanks for reading.

My next list will give you the top 5 current WWE superstars who I see poised to make a jump from the squared circle to the silver screen.

See you then!


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