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Good news for those heading to (or already at) San Diego Comic-Con - not only have The Walking Dead team built freaking Terminus, but they're also putting on an exclusive, secret BBQ - which you can get yourself into!

The event - dubbed Those Who Arrive, Imbibe - looks set to be one of the premiere events of the 'Con, and there's only one way to get in (Other than being Norman Reedus): by following the detailed instructions AMC have provided.

That's right, guys - it's Goonies-style treasure-huntin' time:

Find the Terminus map - Tweet a selfie in front of the Terminus map using the hashtag . Maps located at: The Walking Dead booth #4237 or outside of the terrace entrance at Hilton Gaslamp Hotel.
Pick up a wristband - The first 200 people to show up at the pick-up location below on Friday, July 25 or Saturday, July 26 with their posted selfie will each receive one (1) wristband to attend The Walking Dead BBQ. Wristband pick-up location: Terminus map located outside of the terrace entrance at the Hilton Gaslamp Hotel.

OK, so it's not quite The Goonies, but even so, they're guaranteed to go fast, so get going, everyone! Run! You've got from 9 to 11am today, and then the same window on Saturday!


(Oh, and while running, try not to think about what that meat is probably going to be made of...)


[The Walking Dead](series:201193) are everywhere at SDCC 2014. EVERYWHERE.


What do you guys think? Would you eat anything the Walking Dead team put in front of you at a BBQ?



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