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Just what was it that attracted Miles Teller to Divergent? Nope, it wasn't the sprawling dystopian universe. It was the chance to smack Shailene Woodley right in the kisser.

In the behind the scenes documentary entitled Bringing Divergent to Life from the [Divergent](movie:593270) Blu-Ray, Producer Lucy Fisher spilled that she had usual methods to persuade Teller to be involved with the young adult flick. She said;

One of the ways we enticed Miles Teller to do the movie was to say, ‘You’re going to get to beat up Shai!

For some of us, the thought of roughing up the polarizing Hollywood starlet might be more than a little tempting, but who knew it would be enough to get an actor on board with a movie!

Luckily, Miles Teller spoke up to redeem himself. He admitted to interviewers that he had serious reservations about being shown beating a girl to a pulp on-screen. He said.

I said, you know, how’s this going to look? It’s kind of hard to redeem yourself . But that’s just this ["Divergent's"] world

One things for sure, Teller definitely looks like he's really going for it in those fight scenes...

Maybe Lucy Fisher's quote has a grain of truth in it after all!


Would you take up the offer to punch Shailene Woodley?

(Source: MTV)


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