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Colm S. Herron

The creep out trailer for the upcoming [Septic Man](movie:1624483) has just dropped online. This looks like a proper gross-out horror movie about a sewage worker who gets trapped down below. He has to endure various affected humans while he is trapped and becomes infected himself, eventually.

Check out this twisted trailer below:

Have to say, not really my cup of tea. But, I can really respect the filmmaking going on here. I think it slightly repulses because it's doing it's job so bloody well.

Here's the official synopsis for Septic Man:

Jack, a sewage worker who is determined to uncover the cause of the town's water contamination crisis. During his investigation, he becomes trapped underground in a septic tank and undergoes a hideous transformation. He must team up with a docile Giant and confront a murdering madman in order to escape. Septic Man is an odyssey into the darkest depths of gross-out horror.

The award winning movie will be available on VOD August 12 followed by a limited theater run on the 15th. If you miss these then the DVD will be along shortly after on the 19th.

Looking forward to it?

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