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I consider myself a relatively smart person, but there's nothing like being outshone by a child to make you feel like the biggest dummy on the planet.

I tried to think of the most amazing child geniuses who would definitely make me feel as intelligent as a pile of leaves, and I think I've come up with a group who could, combined, solve all of the world's problems...

Matilda - Matilda

Talents: Math, telekinesis

Tell Me More: Matilda showed signs of being a genius at a very early age, despite being neglected by her hateful parents. Matilda's enormous intellect led her to develop the power of moving objects with her mind.

Outstanding Achievement: Overthrowing the tyrannical Ms. Trunchbull.

Hiro - Big Hero 6

Talents: Robotic engineering

Tell Me More: Hiro was recognized as a towering intellect as a small child. He began pre-school at only two years old and was later accepted into a prestigious private science institute where he honed his robot building prowess.

Outstanding Achievement: transforming his robo-buddy Baymax into a warrior and forming the Big Hero 6.

Anakin Skywalker - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Talents: High Midi-chlorian count

Tell Me More: Anakin showed himself as a child genius even when he was a slave on Tatooine. Anakin created his own protocol droid C-3PO, built and flew his own pod racer, and also had the ability to see things before they happened.

Outstanding Achievement: Everything that happened before that unfortunate turn to the Dark Side...

Jimmy Neutron - Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Talents: Inventing

Tell Me More: Well, Jimmy's inventions don't always go to plan and sometimes malfunction, but he continues to do what he loves even if that means he might have to save the city from his own experiments gone awry!

Outstanding Achievement: This kid has a huge IQ and a real knack for science and inventing. Plus, great hair.

Stewie Griffin - Family Guy

Talents: Physics...and EVIL

Tell Me More: Stewie is a one-year-old genius. He enjoys games of peekaboo, his teddy bear Rupert, and planning for world domination. A true Machiavellian, Stewie strikes fear into the hearts of other kids...and adults too.

Outstanding Achievement: Building jets, time machines, mind and weather control devices, robots and clones!

Tony Stark - Iron Man series

Talents: Electronics, physics, design

Tell Me More: OK, so he's an adult now but Tony Stark was a child genius. As a kid, Tony Stark was always fascinated by building and creating machines. At the age of 15 he began college at MIT and at the age of 19 he had graduated with two masters degrees!

Outstanding Achievement: Uh, creating the Iron Man suit, obviously!

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter series

Talents: Academic prowess...also, a heck of a lot of patience for less intelligent boys!

Tell Me More: Hermione is a genius witch. Already able to do spells and charms before beginning Hogwarts as an 11-year-old, Hermione saved her friends many times with her logic and knowledge.

Outstanding Achievement: Cracking the riddle to get the Sorcerer's stone. Oh, and using freakin' time travel to attend more school classes!


Who's the smartest?


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