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An Australian man dressed as Deadpool to raise money for a children's hospice was dragged off a train by armed police and arrested on Friday.

The other passengers clearly weren't comic book fans because they called the police, reporting a man in a "menacing red and black one-piece costume" was carrying "deadly weapons"!

When Reuben Rose was dragged off the train, it quickly became apparent that the swords and guns were plastic and that the police had arrested a kind-hearted citizen on his way to an event for sick kids.

Thankfully the charitable citizen saw the funny side and shared a laugh with the local police force as they inspected his arsenal of replica weapons.

Rose explained that he was taking part in a charity initiative named 'Superhero Week' to raise money for Bear Cottage, a hospice for terminally ill children.

The Aussie hero continued to be a great sport after his surprise arrest and posed for some hilarious photos of Deadpool chilling in a suburban train station...

...Before starting his office job in full costume as he had originally intended to.

His charge? The police told him "he was a bit of an idiot" for travelling with fake weapons strapped to his body and sent him on his way.

What a legend!

Oh, and did I mention Rose also performs an AWESOME train waltz?!


Do you think the police were too hasty arresting this every day superhero?

(Source: Daily Telegraph)


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