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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Movies are crammed to the rafters with inventors who use their brilliant minds to create sheer awesomeness!

Back to the Future's Doc and Hiro of Big Hero 6 might be fictional, but there are real life backyard superheroes out there crafting mind-blowing inventions from their garden sheds.

Don't believe me, take a look at these incredible inventions and prepare to have your mind well and truly short circuited!

Hand of Awesome!

Okay, so these guys are professionals but this incredible piece of engineering is to awe inspiring to leave out.

This Batman and Wolverine claw hybrid looks more like the mighty Hand of Sauron to me, but whatever it is, it would certainly make kitchen veg chopping duties a breeze!

We All Live in a Home Made Submarine!

While most people fester in front of the TV watching reruns of How I Met your Mother, this awesome dude crafted his very own submarine.

Granted, you won't be getting 2000 leagues under the sea with this bad boy, but if you fancy surveying the bottom of the local canal for errant shopping trolleys this badboy is perfect!

So, This is What a Pyromaniac Looks Like!

Question: What's more badass than having 12 foot flames blasting out of your own hands?

Answer: Nothing.

No wonder this guy looks like he is having so much fun with his red hot invention, because he has won the internet... and BBQed it for good measure.

Jet Pack Joy

Who knew a huge yellow hose and some rudimentary scaffolding could be as much fun as you can have on water?

This guy might be winging it, but his awesome inventing efforts have taken him to the skies... Almost!

Deadly Drone

You wouldn't want to sit next to this technologically advanced whiz kid in science class!

I'm not sure whether to be absolutely terrified, or give this child genius a round of applause. But, one thing's for sure, my mind is officially blown!


Which awesome invention would you like to make?


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