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WARNING: This article contains possible spoilers for season 5

Ricktator is in full force he got that look....Take a look at the Judith is there but no Carol? I thought the screams for help coming from the box car was Carol and others.

If there’s one thing we know about The Walking Dead Season 5, it’s that Ricktator and his group aren't going to have an easy time getting out of train car A. However, there is a great deal of conjecture regarding Terminus and its occupants; it seems more are less more likely that cannibalism could be or not be on the plate regarding Terminus….. With that in mind, it looks like TWD could be situate to bring in comic book bad men know as, The Hunters. My question is who are they? What does that mean for Rick and his group including Rosita, Sgt and scientist? I can only wonder what could season 5 have in store for us? Season five from the video above looks like one badazz expendable action of walkers and mayhem with slicing and dicing going on. Clicking my heels three times... "No month like October."

Who are The Hunters? A party of survivors- that revolved to cannibals, The Hunters becomes the major adversaries in the comic book series. The six- heavy-duty group of five men and one female is led by a man by the name of Chris and lives in a remote house in the country. They are thought to have started eating human flesh when food became in short supply, wretchedly starting with their own children. I guess they didn’t wait to eat squirrel/rabbits. Unfortunately, their confidence grew, (eating babies/children, I guess will do that) as a result they started hunting larger groups of humans to comply with their food shortage.

Rick crosses paths with The Hunters on the way to Washington DC from Atlanta, after the attack on the prison but The Walking Dead show has them going to DC after the collapse of Terminus. The Hunters catch sight of the group and embark on tracking them…..of course with belly growls. Of course things turn horribly violent. Ricktator is forced to get violent. Rickator is obligatory to deal with them, leading to a dramatic, tummy - tossing climax.

Still curious, how this will compare to [The Walking Dead](series:201193) show. Because Terminus doesn’t exist in the comics and there are little likeness between its appearance and that of The Hunters’ place of abode. Yet on the other hand there are some similarities in that the location lies on the road to DC, after the attack on the prison and the fall of Terminus.

As we all know there where assumptions in season 4 finale that the Termites may be cannibals, hunting their victims the lazy way by encouraging them to join them as the dinner not dinner guest. In addition, we have Mary’s chary -looking grilled meat, piles of large-looking human remains. Also, Rick & group plus others are held like animals in enclosed cages waiting to be slaughter at the Terminus market.

Yet, The Hunters don’t use these lazy methods of hunting, but it’s a strong hint that the Terminus residents are based on them. What do you think? What does this mean for season 5? In the comic books, things come to a head when Dale is bitten by a walker and flees into the woods to give up the ghost, before The Hunters take him hostage. The Hunters then proceed to eat Dale's leg, before leaving him to die in an attempt to draw Ricktator and the group out into the open. (I guess for a buffet).They also take a crack at an attack on Glenn, shooting him in the leg but missing his central organs. Think about….Dale is already dead in the TV series, but could another character meet the same fate? Hummmm! How does it all end?

The Hunters misjudge Ricktator’s group (as many has before them), resulting in a bloody conflict. Rick attempts to reason with the cannibals, but when they decline, Ricktator and attacks them along with Abraham, Michonne and Andrea (who is still alive at this point). TWD show Andrea is dead. Anyway, the brutal attack is one of the darkest moments for Rick and his group in the comics, signaling a shift in their personas. Due to the group threatens The Hunters with retaliation cannibalism and carry out the most ghastly executions to date.

In season two Rick said: “It’s all about slim chances now.” I think season five is all about slim chances.

I truly hope that TWD does not censor season five it would greatly take away from the originality of the show. One of the things that I love about TWD is the writers/producers are not afraid to think outside of the box. If they censor I may as well be watching NBC, CBS or ABC…I say let us see it all.

Feedback is always welcome in my neck of the woods….

Neck of the woods....
Neck of the woods....

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