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Like many people, we grew up watching movies about weddings...but we didn't know until later that these movies were completely unrealistic. From outrageous proposals to celebrity appearances, here are 10 of the worst lies Hollywood told us about weddings.

1. An after-hours proposal in Tiffany & Co. -- complete with the guy saying "pick one!" -- is completely plausible.

2. You weren't invited to the wedding but you want to give a toast anyway? That's cool; no one will realize you're a complete stranger!

3. If your husband's best man rarely talks to you and then surprises you and your new husband with a choir singing "All You Need Is Love" on the big day, it's probably because he's (secretly, creepily) in love with you.

4. It's perfectly normal for the bride's parents to give the newlyweds a house as a wedding gift.

5. Your wedding colors are not light pink and dark pink...they are "blush" and "bashful."

6. Right before your wedding is the perfect time to reconnect with the guy you were into in high school.

7. Being a bridesmaid in two weddings in the same day is totally doable.

8. Billy Idol will help confess your true feelings to the one you love -- just in the nick of time.

9. Every damsel in distress can expect to be rescued by a handsome man in tights.

10. Weddings make women murderous.

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