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Starting back in January, Dwayne Johnson has been teasing a potential DC Comics movie role. Fans have speculated everyone from Lobo to John Stewart, but each time, these were proven incorrect. Now however, it looks as though The Rock has finally confirmed which DC Comics character he'll be playing after all - Shazam!

While nothing is 100% confirmed until Warner Bros. makes an official announcement, most likely this weekend at San Diego Comic Con, it does indeed look as though the gig is in the bag, as the below Tweet from the man himself seems to confirm.

During his discussions with DC Comics from earlier this year, Johnson mentioned he'd set up 3 criteria for the character he'd want to play, those being:

1) Extremely emotionally rich, with a lot of complex stuff going on

2) A superhero that has never been portrayed in a live-action movie before, and

3) "a badass motherfucker" on Superman level of power

Back in June, a rumored slate of DC Comics films was leaked, and Shazam was indeed on the list. The character would be perfect for Johnson, matching his list well with his long list of Superman-like powers, a level of complexity thanks to being a child in a grown man's body, and one that we have yet to see on the big screen.

Interestingly, Johnson was rumored to be linked to a Shazam movie before, but not as the hero. He was, in fact, rumored to play the villain Black Adam. Since than, Johnson has become somewhat of an A-Lister, making him a better candidate for the role of a hero over the villain.

Warner Bros. will be hosting their San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday morning, where we'll no doubt get confirmation on Johnson playing Shazam and the overall planned future of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe! So, stay tuned...

(Source: Cinema Blend)

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