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Yes, from what I understand, there's been some early, full length feature presentation worth of reviews from consumers who have already been to the film's entire premiere to give off their actual opinion of what there is. Now, the truth is, is is really their accurately, honest opinion? Well, let's see what there is to let out.

First of all, from my understanding is that you're looking at what is known as a highly budgeted feature length film that was in production for years, let alone was released as a comic book back in January 1969, whereas you have to respect the necessary values that without the Marvel Comic that it's based off, that you wouldn't have a movie to go see anyway. Not to mention, that's not even the rest of the point I'm getting across to you.

For one other thing, is that it's not even a thing, but a former reality that it's been re released over the past decades, in reformats of what there already was, from issue to issue. Therefore, coming to link with the plotline, in which we all know as The Avengers comics, and have a storyline that is centered on taking place in the entire galactic field, in which, happens to be what we know as the entire universe. Not to mention that one of the main antagonists of Thanos is brought out within that full range at the cliffhanger's head of the May 2, 2012 release of Marvel's The Avengers, which comes a point where you all know it's linked up, as soon as you see his face. Does this not look familiar?

Aside from that, you get down to the point that this is completely, sanely ridiculous, and especially with how it links up with the ending from Thor: The Dark World, where The Collector comes in place, as of that of one of the main characters, Taneleer Tivan, who appears to be working behind one of our few characters, Sif, an Asgardian who happens to be on Thor's side, not to forget that she has her own respects for that of his character, as well as his relationship with human, Jane Foster.

My apologies for the off track decision, my point is, is that if you're going to review a film, be sure you have the target audience's full attention, because once you do, that's all you end up doing. Now, have I seen the film of Guardians of the Galaxy yet? No, however, once I do, I promise I'll give up a uploading review of how I believe they should have done it. Other than they shouldn't have at all, it's better to say what you mean, and mean what you say, for otherwise, it's best never to say it at all.

I'm Ariel (aka SweetWriter) signing off, and if you need me to write any other topics in former decision, give me your best, feature length comment, and I'll see what we can go formerly with, from there. Okay? Aside from that, you have a nice day!


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