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So, 23rd August 2014 just became bigger.

Recently, we learnt that the series 8 of our beloved Doctor Who is going to premiere on the big screens across the world. Looks like the Doctor just can't stay away from the big screens. And why shouldn't he be on the big screens? Its not like he's over 2000 years old or something, is he?

Oh wait...

Now the last time the Doctor was on the big screens, we were all blown away, because it was the 50th anniversary special. For weeks we were mesmerized seeing three Doctors on the screen (Sorry, all thirteen). Just so you know, I've watched the 50th anniversary special almost six times over the past months.

Personally, I feel that this is an amazing way to introduce Peter Capaldi to the world. I cannot wait to see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, although I won't be able to watch it in the theaters, ever (Courtesy - India). And this stands to be Jenna's second theater appearance.

So, is that what the Doctor meant when he said that they're heading into darkness? The theaters? (You know, its dark and everything? Bad joke? Ok. Moving on)

As soon as something's in the theater, our expectations are set to a high. And I'd honestly like to trust Steven Moffat's judgement on this. As we've seen since the 50th, the camera works have been exceptionally good, the music has always been amazing (Thank you Murray Gold), the actors are amazing, but this is what worries me - the story.

Look at the detail
Look at the detail

Moffat did a wonderful job on the 50th, but I felt let down with Matt's last Christmas special, so I really wish that there's an exceptional plot, worthy of a theater. Having a story told in a theater, e


But what did you think of this news?


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